Aug 24 2012

black + white: a moody day

I don’t often go for drives on my own; but today I had to get out of the house owing to the fact that I’ve spent all week inside working on photography stuff.  Of course, what do I do then?  I get out of the house and take more pictures for myself to edit.  Oh well.

Fall is in the air.  I can practically smell the pumpkin spice lattes brewing.  I even wore a scarf today.  Oh, the anticipation!


Apr 2 2012

old film

I got some film developed today from our Banff trip. Want to see some more? Head over to to see a couple others that I posted.
Funny story…
The film that I used was expired. I knew that. I intentionally used old film so that it would be a bit of a mystery as to how the pictures would turn out. The photo lab told me that my film didn’t turn out. Confused, I asked them why it didn’t turn out? “Oh, it was expired film. It exposed all wrong.”
No, it’s supposed to be that way. I guess I should have mentioned that. They didn’t think I even wanted it.

Below are a couple of film shots from the end of an engagement session I did a while back (I finished off the film from Banff.)

I’m excited to use some more expired film.


Apr 1 2012

without description.

Sometimes I take pictures, and I don’t have a story behind it. Sometimes they happen just because I’m driving down the road and something catches my eye. Or I get an idea of a picture I want to take, and I set it up.
Most of the time, those pictures don’t make it to my blog. Now they have a home.
I made this section of my website to showcase my art in a non-fussy way, without having to feel like the image needs a story to go with it. They are just my pictures, without description. They stand on their own. (I hope!)
This coming week I will be sharing about future plans for my online presence. Right now, I technically have 4 websites up. I know you must be thinking…”Good grief, this girl has websites coming out of her ears.” Um…and it’s true. There’s no reason why I should be so compartmentalized.
But this will be changing. I want to be able to express that in a post of it’s own, so stay tuned. :)
PS: The image above does have a story…kind of. This morning we had dark foggy grey clouds, and I had this idea of taking a panoramic picture of the mountains with the clouds hanging over them, and lots of dark grey sky. Well, by the time I got out of church it was beautiful and sunny. Happy! But…I still wanted cloud pictures. So we managed to chase them down to the Matsqui flats, where I did some shots. It wasn’t foggy and grey like I imagined (more like fluffy white happy clouds) but I have a feeling BC won’t deprive (har har) me of another day like that.


Mar 26 2012


I’ve been working on illustrating a lot lately, and developing a series of animal “portraits”. Remember the Giraffe portrait? He was a bit more on the cute side.
I think they are pretty funny looking, don’t you?

PS: If you haven’t already, click HERE to “LIKE” my Facebook Page for my jazz project, “Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys”
OR, you could check it out on! Since being on the site on Thursday, we’ve climbed from the bottom of the heap to #4 in the local Jazz category! And our national rank is already at #197 (out of 1100 jazz artists, that’s not bad in 4 days!)
Here’s the link to the ReverbNation Page: Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys on ReverbNation


Mar 18 2012


I’ve been playing around with my tablet lately and doing a lot of illustration. Making it look as non-digital as possible takes some patience, but I think I’ve figured out a process that works.
PS: I’m looking into doing canvas prints of photographs to sell (just rolled canvas, not stretched). I’m a little stumped as to where to get it done. I want to be able to sell the prints at a decent price, but still have good quality. Anybody know where I could get that done?