Sep 19 2015


38-52  We celebrated this beautiful little girls 2nd birthday this weekend!  She was so excited for her birthday party and had so much fun!  She picked out party hats (no joke, she saw them in the store and called them by name–when did she learn what a party hat was?) And she even wore her hat!  None of the other kids did of course, because they are normal. Ha!  When we sang “happy birthday” to her, she just beamed, and loved the whole thing.  Also, she knew to wait till the end of the song to blow out the candle, which was adorable.

I decorated a bit with all the colours of the rainbow, and also lots of balloons (because they are Lucy’s favourite).  Her birthday cake was funfetti (homemade, never a box!) and we had sugar cookies (thanks to my mom) and rainbow bars (fruit-loop cereal bars with marshmallow) The cupcakes were the same batter as the cake.  Of course there was fruit, which Lucy asked for but didn’t touch (because it’s vegetation!)  I was in such a rush to finish things though, I only snapped a couple pictures of the decor (and then my brother took some during the party for me).

Remember last years birthday?  Where she was afraid to touch the icing?  Yeah.  That’s changed. (It’s all she ate off the cupcake!)

She got a lot of wonderful presents from all her friends and family.  Here she is holding a wand, which the first thing she said when she saw it was “It’s like a princess!” And for reals people, I have NEVER heard her say “princess” or talk about princesses.  The only disney movie she’s watched is “Nemo”.  Somewhere she heard that though.  What a sponge!

Here’s a link to last years birthday party extravaganza!  

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Sep 21 2014

We Love Lucy: A first Birthday Party

The first birthday has come and gone!  We are very thankful (that it has come and gone) but also for the many people that came and celebrated with us.  I always said that birthday parties would be small and simple but we really felt in this case we needed to do something special to thank all the people that have helped us in the last year.  What better way to thank people, than to load them up with homemade sugary treats?  If there’s one domestic ability that I am confident in, it’s my ability to make fabulous desserts, so a dessert party was obvious.  Since Lucy basically still doesn’t eat, I wasn’t worried about really making things that were baby friendly because she would just throw them on the ground anyway!

My “theme” (if you can call it that) started from a print that I made that is in Lucy’s bedroom that says “I love Lucy”.  We used the hashtag “we love lucy” when instagramming when she was first born and going through hospital stuff, although I stopped because a million other people used it too. Because Lucy is also a heart baby, I loved the idea of incorporating hearts into it.  I picked a colour palette of pink, red and gold (although the pink, as per usual, took over).

The weather was perfect–if not maybe a touch too warm for myself and my porcelain daughter.  But everyone else seemed to really enjoy it.

In all, it was pretty budget friendly since everything was handmade with a lot of supplies from the dollar store.

I drew and cut out the letters that made the “We Love Lucy” sign out of glitter vinyl, and they were strung together with fishing wire.  The streamer backdrop was just draped and stapled over twine.  The pom-poms were made out of dollar store tissue paper (lots of tutorials on Pinterest for that).

The birthday cake I was extra proud of.  I’ve always loved baking cakes, but decorating cakes has always been a bit of a mystery.  I always stick with simple decoration to save me from disaster!  This was a four layer red to white velvet ombre cake.  For the heart I used a cookie cutter as a stencil and put sprinkles on it.  The pendant banner was a quick project and is just craft paper and twine.

(…and there was only one piece left, so that’s a good sign!)

The cupcakes were made by my mom and decorated by me.  They were vanilla with raspberry filling, or lemon filling.  I made the heart picks myself out of glitter vinyl.  Oh, and PS: that “make your own glitter sprinkles” DIY that is so popular on Pinterest, doesn’t work.  It just looks like coloured sugar.  Oh well.

Lucy’s “smash cake” was just simply a box cake that I didn’t care about because I knew that she would either A) throw it on the ground or B) not even want to touch it.  It was mainly so that we could put something in front of her while we sang.  I made the “1″ pick myself out of glitter vinyl.

Homemade sugar cookies with royal icing.

(Left) Homemade Chocolate Raspberry Truffles (made by my mom) and (center) homemade red velvet cookies.

Chocolate dipped pretzels!  A Pinterest win!! So easy and pretty too!

Dave’s contribution to the food was sweet and salty kettle corn that we served in cupcake cups.  A favourite in our household.


I bought inexpensive flowers (carnations and baby’s breath), and used the ever popular and cheap mason jars for vases.  I sprayed a bunch of them gold and it looked really sharp!

I set out a table for gifts with a picture that I made of Lucy with her  milestones.  Her first pair of tiny Minimocs are there, with a rag doll that I made her for Christmas (that has a matching dress that I made to what she was wearing that day)

We planned on having a lot more balloons, but they just started exploding all over the place!  We think it’s because they were dollar store balloons, plus it was warm.

I hung up pictures from the last year with clothespins that I put sparkly red hearts on.  An easy and simple project.

Here’s Lucy getting “Happy Birthday” sung to her!  She was weirded out.

That icing on her face was my doing.  I really wanted her to at least try!

Eventually, once the crowd disappeared she touched the cake.

…but didn’t like how that felt.

Trying out her new rocking horse from mommy and daddy!  It was scary at first, but then when no one was looking she got in to it.

A card with animals on it!  Her favourite!

Her tambourine, which is a new favourite.  I have no problem with that kind of sound!  As long as it promotes creativity and isn’t a loop of digital sounding kids music I’m happy.

We asked for books for her birthday, and we sure got a good haul!  I’m so happy that we received such lovely gifts for her.

Testing the rocking horse when the crowd stopped paying attention.

Lucy’s dress was designed and made by me a few months ago–for Easter, actually!  But it was too big and too cold for her to really wear it.  I did have to let the elastic in the waistband out a bit for her to wear it for her birthday, but other than that it fit her really well.

And that’s it!  Wow!  I feel like this is as much as I would post about a wedding.  We are definitely exhausted after the day and will probably never do something as elaborate as this again–but–it was fun to be able to plan the event and see it come in to fruition!  Here’s to one year survived!


Sep 20 2014

38-52 the birthday cake.

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 38:  The Birthday Cake

12 months old!!!

We made it through a year.  WOW.

As expected, Lucy was terribly skeptical of her birthday cake.  She wouldn’t touch it when everyone was watching her.  When the crowd dispersed, she poked at it, but wouldn’t put anything in her mouth. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

I have so much to post for her first birthday, but that’s a whole post on it’s own!  Below is Lucy getting “Happy Birthday” sung to her and looking very nervous.  She had a great day though and did SO well!


Sep 16 2014


I had planned on preparing a whole birthday post for Lucy with lot’s of pictures of the last year, but I got a little overwhelmed with what I could post that would really tell her story in just a few pictures.  I think the above Shakespeare quote describes her pretty well though.

And though she be but little, she is fierce.


We love this little girl more than words or pictures can say and can’t wait to see what the next year brings! (just as long as there’s no more hospital visits!)

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Oct 18 2012


…I celebrated my 27th.  With pumpkin pie, of course…

…These things have been changing colour and falling like crazy.  Best ever…

…It’s been cold enough in the mornings that this little one wears her plaid cloak for our walk…

…It’s been raining.  A lot… (which I like)

…Walks in places like this get better and better…

…I’ve been editing/working in this kind of light.  Much more relaxing. Also, lately I just redid the lining on my vintage jacket, which up until now has been named “Kitty”…however…

…As I was taking off the fur on the collar (to re-line it) I found a coat check ticket slipped in between the fur and the collar.  Turns out Kitty’s name is actually Dolores.  I plan on sewing the tag back into the coat, along with my name (and the date) on another piece of paper.

I’m excited that fall is in full swing.  I’m taking full advantage of all the pumpkin/spiced/basically-any-festive-fall-foods that I can.  All the while wearing slippers, cozy pyjamas and reading on the couch while it’s cold and rainy outside.  Those are the best kinds of evenings.

I Hope your fall is going splendidly!  Next thing we know it we’ll be singing Christmas songs and sipping eggnog.  Oh wait…I’ve been doing that already…(to be fair, I’m practicing Christmas songs in choir, and Dave bought eggnog because it was on sale…so there. :P )