Nov 18 2015

//16 weeks//

16 weeks. (last Saturday)

Feeling pretty good.

I have an appetite again, which is something I missed.  I am constantly craving a roast beef sub (which I may have had too many times in the last week).  My energy is inching towards normal and things are getting done again.

We’ve been trying to tell Lucy about the baby and explain it to her the best way possible.  My favourite Lucy quote about the baby though was:

Me: Remember that there’s a baby in mommies tummy!

Lucy: A baby? In da tummy?

Me: Yes.

Lucy: You gonna poop it out?

Oh Lucy…

Here’s 16 weeks pregnant with Lucy.  I laughed at how put together I was in that one, compared to this one.  Times change.


Nov 1 2015

//12 weeks//

…and this, my friends, is why I’ve been wearing loose tops for the last two months.

This was taken two weeks ago (I am 14 weeks now).  It’s crazy how quickly your body remembers how to…become huge.  People always told me you started showing earlier with consequent pregnancies, but dang!  This is the same size as I was with Lucy at 16 weeks.  Yikes.

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Jan 21 2014


I never really got to finish my bump chart that I started with Lucy since she was born early and we spent so much time in the hospital.  I had plans to have the same picture of me holding her just after she was born, but…well…that never happened.  The last bump picture was taken actually at 33 weeks, so it was a week before she was born.  It was in the last month that I was completely miserable and totally unaware of the reason why I felt so uncomfortable and was so huge despite not being full term.

I figured I’d make the most of the pictures that I already took and at least add some pictures of Lucy at the points where she would have still been documented had she been in my belly. :)

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Sep 6 2013


I feel huge.

A stranger asked when I was due.  When I said, she commented on how huge I was (thanks) and then asked if there was two in there.  This seems to be a common conversation pregnant ladies have near the end.  Can we just agree to not say that to pregnant ladies?  I need a t-shirt that says “Yes I’m huge.  No, there’s only one in there.”  So now when people ask, I just say “Soon!”  I get less shocked faces that way.

Tomorrow is my first baby shower, and I’m pretty dang excited.  I made a dress, special for the occasion.  I’m kind of tempted to make a pink bow for around Minnie’s neck, but I think she’ll just eat it.

In other news…we finished our home reno, I cancelled my last jazz concert (I’m no longer in the mood to stand and perform for 2 hours, and I realized it was 3 weeks from my due date) and the nursery is almost completed.  It’s been insanely busy and I can’t believe how little time there is left.

I’m having a baby next month!

*note* Technically, this is 33 weeks.  But our house was in shambles when I was at 32 weeks and I couldn’t take my picture.  I couldn’t bear to see the increments move in an uneven amount…so I call this 32 weeks.  So there.

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Aug 1 2013


Third trimester.

Things we are doing (on top of preparing a nursery) that may seem crazy:

-Redoing our bedroom. It’s been neglected for so long. Our bed is *falling apart*, partly from it being old and taken apart and put back together too many times, partly because it’s got wicker on it and we have a cat. Enough said. I asked Dave that for my birthday present this year (which is two weeks before my due date) I wanted our bedroom to be pleasant. Dave is building a bed frame that can have storage under it. We are also painting (hallelujah! No more slightly pink/white walls!) and I got some new bedding. So. Happy.
- Redoing the floor in our kitchen/mudroom. The mudroom (which is the main entrance) is carpeted. CARPETED. It get’s SO dirty, and it drives me batty. The lino in the kitchen is about 100 years old and is so disgusting. This was an idea I had a few weeks ago, and then we decided that we didn’t want to push the idea too much with our landlady and maybe wait till next year. Well just yesterday she came up to Dave and said that she wanted to have the floors redone! Huzzah!
- Recording an album with our jazz band. We are doing a large concert at Christmas time and really want something to sell.
On top of all this, my photography has suddenly gotten busy and we still have some more gigs with the jazz band.
Oh, and I’m growing a baby. In case you forgot.