Oct 28 2010

day 92: {glamour shot}

The Colonel really needed some glamour shots….you know, for his modelling portfolio.


Oct 14 2010

day 81: {cat bath}

This week I made an awful discovery on Bigsby:  flea poop.

Off to the vet we went (he had to be checked out for some other things as well) and now I’ve got all the fixin’s to kill those wretched things.  I’m pretty sure they came in with the bunny, so he will be treated as well.  But just to be safe, I gave Bigsby a bath today before he got his medicine (and to get all the flea poop off of him).  I think he thought I was trying to kill him.
Poor guy.
Not a fan of water, he is.

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Sep 19 2010

day 56: {the colonel}

(Taken with the iPhone app “Hipstamatic”.  Lens: “John S”, film “Kodot Verichrome”, flash: ” Dreampop”)

The Colonel likes to play board games with us.  Here he is just hangin’ out on the table while we play Carcassonne.  (He seriously just sat there the whole time and watched.  It was amazing.)


Sep 17 2010

day 54 {he is jealous.}

I find it amazing when some people dismiss the idea that animals have feelings.
Since we have gotten the Colonel (our new bunny) Bigsby has been jealous.  There is no other word to describe it.  And I’m sure the other day he was fighting back tears as I held the bunny in bed one morning (sitting with me in bed in the mornings is normally his thing).
Unfortunately, however, despite him having ‘human emotion’, he still doesn’t understand English. Which means he doesn’t understand that he isn’t being replaced by the Colonel.  It also means he doesn’t understand when I yell at him to stop eating my English Ivy because it’s poisonous to him.
Oh, cats.


Sep 11 2010

day 48 {turkeys & a bunny}

Today Dave went to the farm auction to pick up some turkeys for our Thanksgiving/Christmas feasts.  He also came home with this little guy.  Only $5!
Our bunny cage has been empty for about a month and a half, since Fiver & Pipkin decided to escape and live in the wild.  We still see them roaming the yard from time to time.  I have a feeling this little guy might actually get housetrained.  His name is Colonel Cannonball (he’s completely round when he sleeps).  We just call him The Colonel for short.