Mar 1 2012

bits and pieces.

First of all…this is my second blog post of today. What is going on?

I must really be on the ball.

Here’s a little glimpse into my day, a la Bleubird Vintage.

The day started off like this.

Which turned into this.

And eventually, this. (x2)

I may be the only person on the planet that really enjoys making the bed.  There’s nothing better than sliding into a nicely made bed after a long day.

Bigsby likes to make sure I made the bed well.  After all, it’s where he sleeps all afternoon.Tried a new technique for loose curls.  Worked well.

My office has been seriously neglected since the week of Dave’s birthday.  I had to tackle this room today, otherwise I would be incapable of working in it when it’s like this.

Ahhh…that’s better. (I also totally reorganized the books in our living room and in my office, and freed up a whole bunch of space.  It felt good.)

I also moved my vintage cameras and a few of my old clocks onto the wall shelf and made a little display.  I like.

And then I found this…erm…charming little flower pot…

…And turned it into this much less obnoxious flower pot.

Lunch was leftover pad thai.  Om nom nom.

Worked on music arrangements for my jazz set.  Thankfully, (as much as I love playing piano) I am not actually playing piano in the set.  Just focusing on voice.

Someone was not too pleased that I woke him up by playing (*erm…LOUD*) Duke Ellington.  Look at that face.
Worked on a sketch for a dress I’m making in a little bit.  I have decided against the yellow though (sad face) as I can’t seem to find a yellow fabric that I like. (It will be sea-foam green instead)

Thursday dinner at the parents.  They were taking care of some munchkins. (“Me want your watching mine run so, so fast!” Is the first thing she said to me. I love toddler grammar.)

“…By the liiiight…of the silvery iPad….”

And lastly…finished the evening with some fresh nail polish…

And a cup ‘o chamomile. 

Goodnight, everyone. :)


Jan 25 2011

day 134: hipsta tuesday {organized}

I seem to take great pleasure in organizational activities. Many times, when I am bored I will take on an area of the house and do an overhaul. Yesterday it was the closet. The thing that pleases me the most is all the hooks that I hung for the jewelry and scarves that I wear the most. Clean Closet = Happy Courteney.


Oct 14 2010

day 81: {cat bath}

This week I made an awful discovery on Bigsby:  flea poop.

Off to the vet we went (he had to be checked out for some other things as well) and now I’ve got all the fixin’s to kill those wretched things.  I’m pretty sure they came in with the bunny, so he will be treated as well.  But just to be safe, I gave Bigsby a bath today before he got his medicine (and to get all the flea poop off of him).  I think he thought I was trying to kill him.
Poor guy.
Not a fan of water, he is.

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Aug 19 2010

25: cleaning, baking, cleaning, baking (repeat, x10)

I spent most of the day stubbing my toes, dropping things, kicking the cat out of places he shouldn’t be and generally making a mess.  Yes, I am trying to get my house ready for guests on the weekend.  No, I am not achieving what I want to get done for then.  You know those days when everything goes wrong, no matter how hard you try?  I don’t think I’ve ever had a day where I’ve continually stubbed my toes on everything in my path.  Except for today.  I dropped picture frames, free weights (almost on my toes) and  a whole array of cleaning supplies.  I steam cleaned some furniture, but managed to get more water on the ground than on the couches (I think the steam cleaner nozzle was buggered).  I discovered that if you use a bleach pen to spot clean, and mix it with the Bissell cleaning solution…it gives white couches yellow spots where you spot cleaned (I know it’s not just the bleach, because I regularly bleach my couch covers, and spot clean them with a bleach pen.)  And I discovered that my oven has decided to bake a lot hotter than it used to. (par-baked bread is…not par-baked….sigh)
I did accomplish one thing that pleases me today though, and that’s hanging some pictures in my studio that match the decor.  If anyone has any throw pillows that are pale green, pale pink or pale blue that they feel like donating to the cause of my studio…I’d love you forever. (See my colour palette here).  Or any zebra-striped fabric would be greatly appreciated.  You know…just in case you have any kicking around and you don’t have a use for it.

I’m also trying to find a chair for my workspace.  The one I have right now is huge and I can’t pull it all the way up to my desk, so my wrists hurt after working for a long time.  I saw this one (on the right) at HomeSense today and I quite like it.  The only thing I’m concerned about is the arms not fitting under my desk.  I guess I want a stylish chair (that’s comfortable) that has no arms.
Off to bed.  It’s been a long day, and I’ve barely gotten anything checked off of my list…
I’ll have to keep looking I guess…


Apr 21 2010


The weather: rain.  My mood: insatiable.
Is that possible for a mood to be unsatisfiable?  You know those days when you just can’t decide on anything?  The kind of day that feels like you’ve got things to do, but you feel like you have nothing to do?  I have a long list of things that need doing.  A lot of them necessary.  Not a lot of them with deadlines.  But I sure would love it if they got done sooner.  I keep skipping from one thing to the next, without really completing the job.  I planned on freezing a bunch of meals this afternoon.  So I roasted a chicken with the intent of cutting it up and making some different sauces to mix it with.  I got as far as roasting, and now it’s just sitting in the fridge.  Waiting.  A scratchy old record of Beethoven is playing right now, and it seems to match my mood.  I decided to wash the floor mat in the bathroom.  I really wanted to wash the whole bathroom, but the mat is as far as I got.  I hung up hooks in my closet so that I can hang scarves.  I was going to organize the whole closet…  I washed the floor in the kitchen.  Then I made myself a cup of tea, and here I am.   The tea is not as good as I expected.  It’s some organic rooibos from the grocery store.  It’s a replacement tea until we get out to Vancouver and buy some rooibos from the T Shop on Broadway.  I had plans to pressure wash the outside of the house, but the rain kept me from it.  It seems as if nothing I do today is exciting enough to capture my attention.  Insatiable.  Even this blog is not satisfying me.  I’m going to go take a bath.  Dave should be home soon.