Sep 13 2014

monthly word prompt – harvest

**I am a part of a small blogger collective consisting of other mom bloggers and each month we are given a word “prompt” to write about.  This months prompt is “harvest””**

I feel like I can say I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long, long time.

If you know me well (heck, if you’ve met me even briefly) you probably know that Autumn is my time.  Not in the “typical-white-girl-omg-pumpkin-spice-latte” sort of way (although I don’t mind those) But ever since I was little, everything about this time of year just makes me so happy.  My birthday is October, so that may play in to it a bit (it falls around the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving, so I get turkey for my birthday meal and pumpkin pie has always been my birthday cake). There’s so much more though to it than just the food (Oh! The food!) I love the cooler weather: the misty mornings, crisp afternoons and foggy evenings.  Somehow, I feel so much more energized when Autumn comes around.  Also, getting to wear more layers and covering up my babushka arms has always been a happy thing.

I could go on forever probably. I am getting slightly off track here.

Last year when Lucy surprised us 6 weeks early and consequently kept us confined to a hospital for 7 weeks I missed my favourite season.  I remember being in the hospital with her and always asking the nurses when we would get out because all I so badly wanted to be outside enjoying the autumn weather with her.  To make it worse, last years autumn was probably the most beautiful autumns I have seen in a long time–and we were stuck inside.

The thing that kept me going was imagining the next year–this year–when we would go to my favourite place: The Apple Barn!

I’ve been going to the Apple Barn most years since I was a little girl.  (**funny story: When I was in my early twenties and it was just Dave and I, the lady at the till was pretty confused when I payed for a ticket for the petting zoo for just myself. “You don’t have any kids with you? …Ok…?”**)  It’s the sweetest little farm day-trip you ever did see.  There’s the obvious of “you pick apples”, as well as a multitude of other fruits and veggies that they now grow there (so many pumpkins!), hay rides, pony rides, a petting zoo (Goats!!!!), a market, a giant bouncy playground.  It’s Heaven.

We were so very happy when we finally had an afternoon off together to be able to go and enjoy it (also, Grandma and Grandpa came along, which always makes Lucy happy)

Again…I could go on.  But I will just show you the awesomeness in pictures instead:

Lucy LOVED the goats.  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it made me.  She giggled the whole time and loved to pet their faces.  And–Look below at her standing on her own!  Ta-da!

She was slightly skeptical of the pumpkins, and couldn’t seem to figure out why we were taking her picture amidst a bunch of vegetables.

“Harvest” is the September writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Courteney of The Titled Blog. A few words from Courteney — Hello! I’m Courteney from “The Titled Blog” I live up in Canada (in Abbotsford, British Columbia – just East of Vancouver) with my husband, one year old daughter Lucy, a pug named Minnie and an angry flame point siamese cat named Bigsby. My blog has evolved over the last 7 years from random rants and social commentary to lifestyle and now most recently to being a mom. My daughter was born with a lot of health problems and I often write about the challenges that have come with having a baby that has spent a good chunk of her first year in and out of the hospital and how to deal with those challenges head on. When I’m not blogging, I work as a photographer with my own business (Courteney Rodda Photography) sing in my jazz band “Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys” and most recently I am sewing for an awesome local company making baby moccasins called “Minimoc
You can also find me on Instagram, where I post too many pictures of my daughter, dog and cat.

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Nov 9 2012

when autumn leaves start to fall

This morning after walking Minnie, I decided to go to one of my favourite spots to walk and take pictures.  It’s a crazy beautiful day today, so it’d be silly to not want to capture it.  Yesterday and today we got the first frost of the season, and I keep looking at the weather report hoping for that tiny snowflake symbol.  Here in the pacific northwest, however, that tiny snowflake symbol comes rarely in winter.  It’s more like once or twice per winter we get a big dump of snow, and then it melts within 2 or 3 days.  But alas…I keep hoping…maybe this year will be the one when we have a white Christmas.

As I was walking back to the car I noticed an area where the sun hadn’t quite gotten to, and it was covered in heavy frost.  As I approached, the sun was just peaking up over the trees and shining on the frost, making it look like the whole area had been covered in glitter.  So pretty.


Oct 18 2012


…I celebrated my 27th.  With pumpkin pie, of course…

…These things have been changing colour and falling like crazy.  Best ever…

…It’s been cold enough in the mornings that this little one wears her plaid cloak for our walk…

…It’s been raining.  A lot… (which I like)

…Walks in places like this get better and better…

…I’ve been editing/working in this kind of light.  Much more relaxing. Also, lately I just redid the lining on my vintage jacket, which up until now has been named “Kitty”…however…

…As I was taking off the fur on the collar (to re-line it) I found a coat check ticket slipped in between the fur and the collar.  Turns out Kitty’s name is actually Dolores.  I plan on sewing the tag back into the coat, along with my name (and the date) on another piece of paper.

I’m excited that fall is in full swing.  I’m taking full advantage of all the pumpkin/spiced/basically-any-festive-fall-foods that I can.  All the while wearing slippers, cozy pyjamas and reading on the couch while it’s cold and rainy outside.  Those are the best kinds of evenings.

I Hope your fall is going splendidly!  Next thing we know it we’ll be singing Christmas songs and sipping eggnog.  Oh wait…I’ve been doing that already…(to be fair, I’m practicing Christmas songs in choir, and Dave bought eggnog because it was on sale…so there. :P )


Sep 27 2012

fall, 1972

I’ve been watching a lot of 70′s TV shows lately…can you tell?

Last year I got this dress at the thrift store just before my birthday (*ahem* two weeks 1 day) and I failed to take any pictures during my birthday party, thus the dress was never shared.  So a year later, here we are.  To be honest though, fashion blogging has never really been my strongpoint.  But every now and then…

I LOVE this dress.  It’s comfortable…feels like  a good fall outfit (and looks good with purple tights.  Yes.)

Hah…side story:  I never like taking pictures of myself outside because…well…people watch and it’s awkward.  But today…Minnie watched.  And barked.  Maybe she could tell I looked awkward.

PS: I curled my hair three times today. THREE.  My hairdresser says flat irons are the best for long lasting curls, but I tried and they all fell flat.  I tried again with the flat iron after my walk (after all, it was a foggy damp morning) but those fell flat.  I’m about to head out for this evening so I curled them again (with a curling iron)…and they are not looking so good.  How on earth does one get curly hair to stay put??


Sep 20 2012


Where is this mysterious season of autumn that I keep hearing people talk about?  Over here in the pacific northwest we’re still in full summer.  I like summer and all…but…it’s nearing the end of September and 30 degree weather is too much.   I’m starting to get real tired of running the air conditioner and closing all the blinds.

Even the critters want autumn to come.  Look how upset they are.

(although, let’s be honest:  Bigsby always looks irritated.)

All I know is that by the time it’s my birthday (3 weeks and 1 day!) it better be fall.  Or else.