Jul 11 2014

bits + pieces – summer days

I haven’t done one of these posts for so long, and I just got a new camera this week so…obviously I had it with me all day long.  Here’s what a typical summer Thursday looks like for us.

(above: morning greeting from the cat)

She’d rather eat her fingers than the banana.

The ends of breakfast.

Closet reorganization during naps.

Chasing the cat.  All. Day. Long.

“Why won’t the kitty be my friend?!”  I know Lucy.  This has been my lifelong question as well.

…and yet, despite him running away she still went on looking for him.

An afternoon at grandma and grandpas.  Minnie is cheering on Lucy while she learns to walk.

This.  A free standing jolly jumper and a kiddie pool.  You guys, this girl has never been so happy.  We combined her two favourite things in the world.

Taking a break in the shade before heading back into the pool for round two.

This face.  I die.

A Thursday family dinner photo series wouldn’t be complete without an awkward eating photo of my nephew.

She thought she was too cool for a photo session.

Exhausted after a long afternoon playing.

He says he wants a kiddie pool at home, and if the neighbours wonder he will just tell them it’s for his niece (Lucy).

Still tired…but making smiles for Aunty Maria.

Picture of a picture…

Second wind…

 The “please take a picture of me with Lucy so we have proof that I was here too” picture.


Aug 23 2012

summer days.

***This post is as per my nephews request who, I think just wanted to show the pictures of him flying through the air to his mom to scare her. ;)***

The days of summer backyard BBQ’s are coming to a close.  I can’t say I’m entirely sad, because the days of pumpkin pie and rainy days are coming and those are my favourite.  However, it is sad that soon we won’t be able to eat our Thursday family dinner out in the backyard and run around in the sunshiney weather.  This is what a standard Thursday looks like when dinner is finished:


Mar 1 2012

bits and pieces.

First of all…this is my second blog post of today. What is going on?

I must really be on the ball.

Here’s a little glimpse into my day, a la Bleubird Vintage.

The day started off like this.

Which turned into this.

And eventually, this. (x2)

I may be the only person on the planet that really enjoys making the bed.  There’s nothing better than sliding into a nicely made bed after a long day.

Bigsby likes to make sure I made the bed well.  After all, it’s where he sleeps all afternoon.Tried a new technique for loose curls.  Worked well.

My office has been seriously neglected since the week of Dave’s birthday.  I had to tackle this room today, otherwise I would be incapable of working in it when it’s like this.

Ahhh…that’s better. (I also totally reorganized the books in our living room and in my office, and freed up a whole bunch of space.  It felt good.)

I also moved my vintage cameras and a few of my old clocks onto the wall shelf and made a little display.  I like.

And then I found this…erm…charming little flower pot…

…And turned it into this much less obnoxious flower pot.

Lunch was leftover pad thai.  Om nom nom.

Worked on music arrangements for my jazz set.  Thankfully, (as much as I love playing piano) I am not actually playing piano in the set.  Just focusing on voice.

Someone was not too pleased that I woke him up by playing (*erm…LOUD*) Duke Ellington.  Look at that face.
Worked on a sketch for a dress I’m making in a little bit.  I have decided against the yellow though (sad face) as I can’t seem to find a yellow fabric that I like. (It will be sea-foam green instead)

Thursday dinner at the parents.  They were taking care of some munchkins. (“Me want your watching mine run so, so fast!” Is the first thing she said to me. I love toddler grammar.)

“…By the liiiight…of the silvery iPad….”

And lastly…finished the evening with some fresh nail polish…

And a cup ‘o chamomile. 

Goodnight, everyone. :)


Aug 22 2011

cheese! cheesy cheese!

Last night we spent the evening at my brothers place.  I had just come from a photo session and so I still had my camera with me.  My nephew used to hide from the camera when I’d try and take his picture.  He has now grown out of that, and has turned into a cheese ball (who wants to see every picture after you take it)

It’s entirely possibly, however, that this is just a learned skill from his father. Witness:


Apr 8 2009

In the Family

This man gave us a tour of Khan el Khalili. He later brought us to his spice shop, which has been in his family in this location for about 200 years