Jan 15 2015


A few months ago I was contacted by a company called “eShakti” to try out one of their dresses and write about my experience with them.  eShakti is a unique clothing site that offers beautiful clothes with completely customizable sizes, and options (adding sleeves, pockets, changing necklines, etc.)  They have sizes from 0-36W, which is pretty awesome.  I was pretty excited when I read about what they did, and was even more excited when I saw the dresses.  When I did this, it was just before Thanksgiving and so I picked a very Autumn-y type dress (and I REALLY should have blogged it then…sorry!)  When the dress came I was so impressed with the quality, as well as the fit.  My only complaint is my own fault and that is that I changed the hemline from the default (because I usually find most dresses too short) but it ended up being a touch too long.  Because the dress is finished off so beautifully (fully lined!) it’s not an easy task to take the hemline up a bit.  Anyway.  What I LOVED about the website is that I can customize a dress to my measurements exactly.  I purposefully picked a more fitted dress because that is the kind of dress that I can never seem to find just off the rack.  Usually anything that fits the hips is gigantic everywhere else.

They offer amazing sales, and had I been a responsible blogger, you could could have taken advantage of a coupon code they gave me…that expired at the end of the year.  Oops.  BUT…the sales are fantastic.  And the non-sale prices are really great too.

I was so impressed with the company, I just ordered my second dress (like this one, but it’s navy with white trim) a week ago and it’s due to come any day now.  Honestly, there are so many cute dresses that it will be difficult to not order a whole boatload of dresses.  Like I need it…


Nov 19 2014

[try this] hair extensions for short hair

I’ve wanted a set of hair extensions for a long time and finally bought myself a set this summer.  A friend of mine had bought them for herself for her wedding but couldn’t get them to match her hair colour, but wouldn’t you know, they matched mine perfectly!

Last Autumn just before Lucy was born (ok, technically I guess it was still summer) I chopped off all my hair from below my shoulders to a short pixie cut.  I had logical reasoning behind the cut.  I figured being a new mom, I wouldn’t want all that hair to take care of (and I have a LOT of hair). What ended up happening though was that with all the changes that come from being a new mom, I did not feel like myself at ALL.  I had gained weight, pregnancy had made my skin angry, I was tired all the time and my pretty long hair was gone.  To add insult to injury, my lovely hairdresser went on maternity leave as well shortly after she cut my hair off, so I bounced around from hairdresser to hairdresser until February when I decided to just grow it out.

In retrospect, it was not a good move.  Pro-tip:  If you are thinking about chopping your hair, wait till a few months after you have your baby to settle in to your new life.

So here I am, growing my hair out again.  It was a pixie in February, and I have had it trimmed three times since then to even everything out.  Because I want the look of long hair, I have come up with a few ways of wearing extensions with my bob length hair without looking like I have strange layers.

Here’s what my hair looks like before the extensions.

Here are my extensions freshly curled.  I try not to curl them too often because it just dries them out too much.  After wearing them I brush them lightly and store them in their box.

1.  Start by pinning up the crown of your hair.

2. Spray and tease the bottom half of your hair, to keep the extensions in.

For this hairstyle, I tease the entire back and pin it up in a kind of french roll, to hide all the short hairs.

3. Pin in the extensions.  Even though this style is more of an up-do, I stagger them so that there aren’t any weird gaps.

Looks cool, eh?

4. At this point, if the extensions are freshly curled, I pull them a bit and run my fingers through them so that they aren’t so Shirley Temple- ish.

5.  This step probably could have (or should have) been done first.  At this point I curl the top layer strategically to match the extensions.  I don’t do too much, just to blend the hair.

6.  Pull the hair to one side to a low side pony.  It should cover up all the short stray hairs.

7. Pin all the loose bits for the finished look.  I usually put a couple of bobby pins at the back, pinning the extensions to my actual hair (to keep it all in place).

All done!   This usually takes me about 5-10 minutes in the mornings (depending on whether or not my extensions were curled to start with).  If my extensions are starting to look a little limp, I’ll opt for a braid instead of a side pony (again, I try not to curl them too much). Sometimes I will pull it back into a low loose bun as well.

This has been a great option for me as I grow my hair out!  It certainly doesn’t replace having my hair long and curled, but it’s a good in-between until it’s long again.


Apr 25 2014

lucy’s easter dress

I never got to make a dress for Lucy’s first Christmas due to our lives being complete chaos at that time.  But I was determined to make her something sweet for Easter.  I have a ton of this fabric that I bought to use in her nursery, and only lined the back of a bookshelf with it.  I may make something else next summer for her out of it.  The dress itself is designed to grow with her.  I did an elastic waistband that can be let out, as well as a tie on the back to fit the bodice.  The arm holes are adjustable with the ties at the shoulders.  I hope she will wear the dress all summer.

I had planned to make something different (and had even started a different dress) but it didn’t work out so I sketched out the shape of this one on the fabric and just kind of improvised from there.  I’ve been getting a lot better at doing the finish work in dresses as well, and this has a fully lined bodice, french seams and a proper hem (no exposed edges on the inside) Essentially, the dress looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

I made two headbands for her–one is the small one that she wore all day on Easter, and the other is the “extended version” that fit in with it that I used just for pictures.  Those were just simply cheapo silk flowers that I hot glued to felt (as a base) and decorative elastic.

Is she not the cutest thing you ever did see?  She’s gotten so good at sitting on her own since these.  This was the first time she sat by herself long enough for me to take her picture.

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Mar 21 2014

we ♥︎: minimocs

I want to start a new series, reviewing products that we love in our home.  I’m not sponsored by anyone, so you can be assured–this is purely an organic review.  No one is paying me to say this. :)

So without further adieu, my first review is of a local company that I am head over heels in love with (and Lucy is too!)– Minimoc.  This company was started by a friend of mine a little over a year ago, after she had been making moccasins for friends babies and the interest in them just kept growing.  Since then her little company has exploded with popularity and has gained fans all over.

Aside from the fact that they are locally made, we also love that they are made from ethically sourced leather–something that seems to be hard to come by these days.  They are sturdy little moccasins, and fit SO well.  Lucy is a major kicker and I have yet to see her get them off her feet.  She also has teeny tiny feet, and Minimocs are the only shoes that I have found that have sizes that fit since she came home from the hospital.  They come in 15 different colours, and also have just come out with matching hair bows and bow ties!  We are so excited to see their company grow, and I eagerly await when Dave will let me buy another pair for Lucy.

Check out their website to see all the awesomeness: www.minimoc.ca  OR like them on Facebook to get updates on new colours and products!

[BELOW] Lucy’s well loved mocs–the gold ones were a prototype size that didn’t fit normal baby feet–but my little preemie fit them well.  She’s in size 2 already! We LOVE the white ones for springtime.


Jul 23 2013

the fashionable bump.

taken at 26 weeks 3 days.

Recently I was asked to be an expert on the topic of maternity fashion for a UK fashion blog (I’ll link when the piece is live), and it reminded me: I haven’t really spoken a lot about maternity fashion on my own blog!  When I first got pregnant I fully intended to write here and there about maternity related things but you know how it goes…

So I thought I’d write about a few things that I’ve learnt in the past few months, starting with this:

You don’t have to lose any sense of style when you get pregnant.  Seriously…when I first stepped into a maternity shop I was so…bored (and not to mention overwhelmed by how expensive it was!) From what I can surmise, most of the people who design maternity clothes think that pregnant people like plain tank-tops, boring pants and wrap dresses (hey, nothing wrong with a wrap dress…but some variety please?) I thought about continuing dressing in vintage, but unfortunately vintage maternity wear is either: A) impossible to find or B) really. weird. (no muumuu’s thanks.)  So what’s a girl to do?

Be picky.  Don’t pay $50 for that “maternity” top…especially if it’s not really your taste.  A lot of my tops actually still fit me (albeit a little differently. eg: Today I’m wearing a peasant blouse tied above my belly).  I was a little surprised at this and thought that I would inevitably have to pay the $50 for a boring maternity blouse but it seems my cheapness has paid off. :)

There are a few things that you will likely need from the maternity shops, but stay with the very basics.  I ended up buying a pair of maternity jeans (I altered them, because all they had were wide legged jeans and I didn’t like that) and I found some black skinny maternity jeans at the thrift store that will be great when the weather cools down a bit (PS: thrift stores usually have tiny maternity sections, but every now and then there’s some gold in there).  I’ve also found that maternity tights/leggings are fabulous (and I may just wear them outside of pregnancy too.)

Be creative.  I loved this tutorial from Cotton and Curls for making a maternity top out of an old mens t-shirt. I ended up making a few of these and they’ve been so great for me.  I have an extra long torso, so add a baby bump and it can be tricky to find tops that are long enough.  If you know how to make a simple seam on a sewing machine, then this will take you under 15 minutes for one top.  I’ve also made a few dresses out of stretchy jersey cotton.  It’s totally forgiving and easy to work with.  Plus, many of the things that I made I can wear outside of pregnancy.  If you need some inspiration, again check out Cotton and Curls maternity posts.  She’s got a ton of tutorials.

Be versatile.   A lot of the big pregnancy websites will have you believe that at some point in the pregnancy you are going to have to go out and shop for a whole new wardrobe.  While that may sound nice to some, it’s generally impossible for most of us.  When I was about 12 weeks pregnant and just starting to show a teensy bit I went though my closet and tried to figure out what was going to work for me in the next few months.  I packed and stored stuff that would be impossible to fit in (as it would just be depressing to look at) and kept out what I thought would work.  A lot of my full skirts still fit, they just have to sit higher (see the above picture).  Button up tops get tied above my belly (don’t worry, I wear a tank top underneath)  Stretchy skirts are awesome and maxi dresses have become my new best friend.  The clothes that I have bought this year I’ve made sure that I can wear when I’m done being pregnant.  Nothing bothers me more than buying something that you can only wear for a little while.

In the end I feel like I’ve probably spent less on clothes this year than previous years.  That’s pretty much due to me being stubborn and not willing to give up some of my favourite clothes.  So fear not fellow pregnant ladies!  Maternity style doesn’t have to be lame.

PS:  A little birdy told me that on Little Black Dress (the fashion website I was asked to speak for) is now launching some affordable maternity party-wear.  I’ve peaked at some of them and they are fabulous!  A far cry from the formal maternity wear offered at Thyme or Motherhood.