Mar 14 2014

five things.

A new weekly post.  Five things I feel like sharing.  Probably random.  From real life or around the interwebz.

1. This home.  Strangely, so not my style…but I find it such a lovely take on Victorian decor.

2. I’m trying to get back into a healthy routine lately.  I joined a gym, and have been seeking easy healthy recipes.  Dena from Live Love Simple posted this one and I found it intriguing.

3.  The weather lately.  Seriously.  I just went outside in my bare feet to take this picture.  The snowfall at beginning of March freaked everyone out, but that’s how it is every year…all of a sudden it’s spring.

4. Which brings me to…this blanket.  I’m pretty sure I see these at the thrift store all the time and this makes me want to go buy one and go to the beach.  Except that beaches in BC don’t really look like that…

5. And finally..lazy mornings.  Dave took a few days off to help out with Lucy since I threw my back out on Saturday.

Happy weekending, folks!