May 12 2014

monthly prompt: bloom

**I am a part of a small blogger collective consisting of other mom bloggers and each month we are given a word “prompt” to write about. This months prompt is “bloom”**

Just a little eye candy for today.

I was a painter before I was a photographer, so when shooting for art I tend to not worry about focus points as much as light/form/feel.  That’s probably why I like editing so much, because one image can go so many ways.  These were originally edited as black and whites, but on a whim I did one to look like expired film and loved the soft pinks and oranges that came from it….


“Bloom” is the May writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Misty of Momista Beginnings. A few words from Misty — I’m Misty, the southern California blogger behind Momista Beginnings. I began this blog while pregnant with Mia over two years ago to create a space for mamas out there to connect with their inner “momista.” According to me, a momista is a devout follower and lover of motherhood who takes her role to the next level. She uses her strengths to create the best childhood for her kids through activities, traditions, adventures, exploration and experiences. My blog aims to inspire all of this. Other bits of me make up my blog as well, like my passion for photography, art, crafts, my love for baking and cooking and family updates. I’m an ex art teacher of over 10 years and my art projects for kids make appearances from time to time, too. You can also find me on Bloglovin’, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at my photography website and its Facebook page!

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Jun 26 2012

in the garden…

I really wanted to work in some quotes from that Mr Rogers “Garden of Your Mind” song, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it without sounding creepy. ;)

Lately, my dusty miller has been taking over my garden and you can’t hardly see any other flowers because it’s so mammoth.  I decided to trim it back, but couldn’t bring myself to just throw away the clippings.  I used to work in a florist shop where the florist had done a little bit of training with me and ever since then I have loved putting together arrangements with found flowers from the garden.  The tall “flowers” are anemone’s that have finished flowering (I prefer how they look like this to when they are actual flowers)

I think that learning the basics of floral arranging can be super helpful.  Not only does it make you look at what you have growing in your own garden differently, but you can save a lot of money on arrangements if you just buy the cut flowers and do it yourself.

PS: It’s mine and Dave’s 7th anniversary today!  We are celebrating by going to work…and then practicing with our jazz band.  Hah.  (Don’t worry, we did go out and have dinner last night, and then watched Harry Potter.  It was a swell evening.)

PPS: Just another plug– If you happen to be in the Fraser Valley and want to enjoy a night of jazz standards, come see us this Saturday at the House of James!  $7 at the door, 7:30 showtime.


Mar 6 2012

it’s the little things.

Some of you may know that for the last few years I have had a job on the side working with flowers and plants. Somehow, despite never really trying to work in the floral industry…I have always ended up in it. Lately I’ve been eyeing these little 2″ succulents at work and wanting to take them home with me. Finally after finding the right pots for…I took a couple home and made a little garden. It’s funny how such a little thing like a plant can make you happy. But the best part about these plants? Bigsby is totally uninterested in eating them.
Unlike this poor soul that he devoured a few years back.
Sad face.


Aug 20 2011

hello, beautiful.

Dear Green Hydrangeas:

I love you.



(Sometimes it’s nice to blog about nothing but a pretty flower.  And I really like pretty flowers.  Especially green ones.)


Jun 22 2011


Yesterday was the first official day of summer.
And it actually felt like it.
Three cheers for warm weather!
Dave and I went for a walk after dinner in the lovely sun, and I picked daisies and buttercups alongside the road. Now they live by my computer, keeping the summer cheer while I am stuck inside editing all day. *sigh*
I think I will eat dinner outside today.