Nov 19 2014

[try this] hair extensions for short hair

I’ve wanted a set of hair extensions for a long time and finally bought myself a set this summer.  A friend of mine had bought them for herself for her wedding but couldn’t get them to match her hair colour, but wouldn’t you know, they matched mine perfectly!

Last Autumn just before Lucy was born (ok, technically I guess it was still summer) I chopped off all my hair from below my shoulders to a short pixie cut.  I had logical reasoning behind the cut.  I figured being a new mom, I wouldn’t want all that hair to take care of (and I have a LOT of hair). What ended up happening though was that with all the changes that come from being a new mom, I did not feel like myself at ALL.  I had gained weight, pregnancy had made my skin angry, I was tired all the time and my pretty long hair was gone.  To add insult to injury, my lovely hairdresser went on maternity leave as well shortly after she cut my hair off, so I bounced around from hairdresser to hairdresser until February when I decided to just grow it out.

In retrospect, it was not a good move.  Pro-tip:  If you are thinking about chopping your hair, wait till a few months after you have your baby to settle in to your new life.

So here I am, growing my hair out again.  It was a pixie in February, and I have had it trimmed three times since then to even everything out.  Because I want the look of long hair, I have come up with a few ways of wearing extensions with my bob length hair without looking like I have strange layers.

Here’s what my hair looks like before the extensions.

Here are my extensions freshly curled.  I try not to curl them too often because it just dries them out too much.  After wearing them I brush them lightly and store them in their box.

1.  Start by pinning up the crown of your hair.

2. Spray and tease the bottom half of your hair, to keep the extensions in.

For this hairstyle, I tease the entire back and pin it up in a kind of french roll, to hide all the short hairs.

3. Pin in the extensions.  Even though this style is more of an up-do, I stagger them so that there aren’t any weird gaps.

Looks cool, eh?

4. At this point, if the extensions are freshly curled, I pull them a bit and run my fingers through them so that they aren’t so Shirley Temple- ish.

5.  This step probably could have (or should have) been done first.  At this point I curl the top layer strategically to match the extensions.  I don’t do too much, just to blend the hair.

6.  Pull the hair to one side to a low side pony.  It should cover up all the short stray hairs.

7. Pin all the loose bits for the finished look.  I usually put a couple of bobby pins at the back, pinning the extensions to my actual hair (to keep it all in place).

All done!   This usually takes me about 5-10 minutes in the mornings (depending on whether or not my extensions were curled to start with).  If my extensions are starting to look a little limp, I’ll opt for a braid instead of a side pony (again, I try not to curl them too much). Sometimes I will pull it back into a low loose bun as well.

This has been a great option for me as I grow my hair out!  It certainly doesn’t replace having my hair long and curled, but it’s a good in-between until it’s long again.


May 31 2012

1940′s inspired hair tutorial

I love wearing my hair in retro hairstyles, but most days I don’t have the time (or patience) to do anything very fancy.  My hair is very thick so complicated pin-curl styles take more effort than I want to put out at 7AM.  I get a lot of comments on my hairstyles, with a lot of those being that people think I must spend hours on my hair.  Very much not true. Unless I am going out to an event or performing somewhere, I can’t justifying spending more than 10-15 minutes on my hair.

This style is one of my go-to styles for retro.  It’s more of an inspired look than era-accurate, but it does the trick.  The time it takes me to do this is about 10-15 minutes (bear in mind, my hair is very thick too, so curling would probably take less on a normal head of hair.)

1 + 2:  I start by curling my hair loosely around the bottom with a small curling iron.  I curl about 4″ up my hair.

3: Pin the crown with a small amount of the side.  I take about 2″ from my hairline and back, and then twist it and push it forward slightly to get some volume.  Then I pin with a couple of bobby-pins.  4: Pin the side, leaving some hair down to cover ear.  Twist the hair, and push forward the same as the other side.  Pin in place.

5 + 6: Brush out with a medium round brush.  Brush the curls in the direction that you would like them to curl.  In this case, I wanted my curls to curl inward.

And we’re done!  Simple as that.  I will spray the pinned part, but I don’t normally spray the curls (I hate hairspray) and my curls will last the whole day.

If you are looking for amazing tutorials for retro hair, I’d highly recommend checking out “Vivid Makeup“s YouTube channel.  She shows how to do all the pin-curls, victory rolls, hair sets that one could ever want to learn about.  She is probably the best that I’ve found in terms of clear teaching and style accuracy.


Mar 1 2012

bits and pieces.

First of all…this is my second blog post of today. What is going on?

I must really be on the ball.

Here’s a little glimpse into my day, a la Bleubird Vintage.

The day started off like this.

Which turned into this.

And eventually, this. (x2)

I may be the only person on the planet that really enjoys making the bed.  There’s nothing better than sliding into a nicely made bed after a long day.

Bigsby likes to make sure I made the bed well.  After all, it’s where he sleeps all afternoon.Tried a new technique for loose curls.  Worked well.

My office has been seriously neglected since the week of Dave’s birthday.  I had to tackle this room today, otherwise I would be incapable of working in it when it’s like this.

Ahhh…that’s better. (I also totally reorganized the books in our living room and in my office, and freed up a whole bunch of space.  It felt good.)

I also moved my vintage cameras and a few of my old clocks onto the wall shelf and made a little display.  I like.

And then I found this…erm…charming little flower pot…

…And turned it into this much less obnoxious flower pot.

Lunch was leftover pad thai.  Om nom nom.

Worked on music arrangements for my jazz set.  Thankfully, (as much as I love playing piano) I am not actually playing piano in the set.  Just focusing on voice.

Someone was not too pleased that I woke him up by playing (*erm…LOUD*) Duke Ellington.  Look at that face.
Worked on a sketch for a dress I’m making in a little bit.  I have decided against the yellow though (sad face) as I can’t seem to find a yellow fabric that I like. (It will be sea-foam green instead)

Thursday dinner at the parents.  They were taking care of some munchkins. (“Me want your watching mine run so, so fast!” Is the first thing she said to me. I love toddler grammar.)

“…By the liiiight…of the silvery iPad….”

And lastly…finished the evening with some fresh nail polish…

And a cup ‘o chamomile. 

Goodnight, everyone. :)


Feb 15 2012

new do.

I am quite fond of being a redhead. I am also quite fond of my hairdresser, and the great job she did with my new hair colour yesterday. Huzzah for awesome hairdressers!


Sep 1 2010

Thirty Eight: Long haired freaky people need not apply.

I got my hair cut today.  It was about mid-back, and starting to get a little bit out of control (my hair is really thick, so when it gets long, it’s really hard to take care of).  I called my hairdresser on a whim today and she had a cancellation, so she took me in right away.  I’m very pleased with the results.  I’ll post a better picture later, I’m sure.  I asked Dave to snap one quickly so I could blog about it…(my eyes look a little funny in the picture…I can’t figure out why..)

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