Nov 7 2010

day 100: {so close}

I have now gotten to the point where all the building blocks for my website are established.  I have figured out all the bugs in the wordpress template that I have now completely taken apart.  In the next week I will start assembling my website and making it look pretty.  Now comes the fun stuff. :)
I hope that I can find time to work on it this week though.  I have now booked more photography work since I last posted and my schedule is getting ridiculously full.  I can’t wait to simplify in a few months.
I also can’t wait for the Harry Potter movie in 12 days. Twelve days!!!!!!! HUZZAH!

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Oct 9 2010

day 76: {lazy}

I very happily spent the entire morning in my pajamas on the couch reading Harry potter this morning. And when the weather is such as the above picture, it makes it all the better. :)

This evening Dave and I went out to Ikea to get a few random items. One of which was a new slipcover for a chair we have from there. It’s a bright red chair that I’ve always been rather fond of…however…I don’t like that the covers can’t be washed. I was also starting to feel boxed in by the red-ness of it. Let’s face it…when you have red furniture, everything else needs to get matched to that one item. And considering my personality and the fact that I like to change the colour pallet of my house regularly, I think I should keep the expensive stuff neutral.
Boring blog. Sorry.
It’s raining very hard right now…and I am going to go read some more Harry Potter.
Goooood night.


Sep 24 2010

day 61: {nov. 19: the hp saga continues}

I have started re-reading the Harry Potter series, in preparation for the first instalment of the finale on Nov. 19th.  Today I started number 2, and got about a third of the way through.
Think I can make my way through all of them in two months?
I hope so.