Mar 8 2011

hipsta tuesday: {blah}

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged for the last few days. That’s probably because I feel a little like this:

You may have also noticed that I did not number today. That is because I have decided that 365 blogs are passe.
And I was also tired of feeling obligated to blog every day.
I really love to write, and I really hate feeling like I have to write something, even when I don’t have something to write. (ya know?)
I want to provide interesting posts that are well written. Not just a plethora of forced babble.
So 365 is out. I still plan on writing regularly, so fear not!

PS: Today I came home from work, feeling like poop. My sore throat/cough that I had for a week has now turned into a new head cold complete with burning sinus and watering eyes. I was just about to sit down and relax when I saw one of my cows galloping (yes, galloping) through my front yard. I quickly ran out to see that both our cows were out and one was by the road (getting spooked by every car that drove by). We had to lure them back into their field with oats (and we still have no idea how they got out–although there were two strange vehicles with some strange men staring at me at our office next door…hmmm…trouble makers?)
Not how I wanted to wind down after being sick at work all day.
Silly cows.


Feb 22 2011

day 156: hipsta tuesday {i feel it}

It may have just snowed…but spring is near. I can feel it. (“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes…”. Name that movie!)


Feb 8 2011

day 145: hipsta tuesday {healthy eating}

Oh snap. Todays dinner was not a very healthy choice.
While driving home from work today, I said to Dave “I’m too tired to cook. Let’s just have McDonalds.” To which Dave replied “That’s exactly what I was thinking!” I thought to myself, “We’re so in-sync. We both wanted the same thing for dinner.” (Fast food is a rare occurrence in our house, so both wanting McDonalds at the same time seemed like it was fated.)
After finishing dinner, however, something occurred to me. I said to Dave, “Do you think it was just chance that we were both craving fast food for dinner tonight, or is it that you always crave fast food, and are ready to agree to it at any chance I bring it up?”
Dave smiled.
I guess we’re not *that* in-sync.


Feb 1 2011

day 139: hipsta tuesday {tattoo idea?}

I doodled this while keeping track of my money for a board game, and told Dave that it was my next tattoo. He didn’t seem too thrilled. I figured I’d get the money symbol tattooed like a chain around my neck (complete with the bling sparkles), and the text on my sternum. Classy?
Hmm…maybe I’ll have to revise it…


Jan 25 2011

day 134: hipsta tuesday {organized}

I seem to take great pleasure in organizational activities. Many times, when I am bored I will take on an area of the house and do an overhaul. Yesterday it was the closet. The thing that pleases me the most is all the hooks that I hung for the jewelry and scarves that I wear the most. Clean Closet = Happy Courteney.