Apr 28 2012


Thursday I made a skirt with some great navy blue polka dot fabric (that I found at the thrift store) following a tutorial on a fabulous new website I found called “Gerties New Blog for Better Sewing” (if you are into retro sewing, this is the place).  After making the skirt, I decided I also wanted a blouse out of the same stuff.  I found an etsy shop (Embonpoint Vinage) that sells PDF’s of out of print patterns.  It’s a whole drafting system, so you get instructions and a template, and you have to draft out the pattern yourself.  I’ve been wanting to learn a little more about drafting my own patterns, so I figured I’d give it a go.

Bigsby, on the other hand, figured it was a bad idea.  We had a stand off for a while, as I didn’t want to shoo him away and have him tear the tissue pattern paper.

I should have the blouse done on Monday, in which case I will try to make a point of sharing…something that I seem to have forgotten to do on this blog lately.  Apparently I don’t have much to share as of late.

PS:  I do often post to instagram.  My user name is “courteneyrodda”  Today is Caturday, thus, the above image of Bigsby.  Although…let’s be honest…every day is caturday with me.


Feb 8 2012

feburary photo skill

This month I am participating in an Instagram photo challenge by instafa.me
I’ll admit–it’s a little weird for me to take photos within such specific parameters, but I enjoy trying to find the non-obvious choices for images (believe me–there are many who used the pattern of their shirt for the day of “pattern”)
In order (from left to right) they are:
Day 1: Lines (neighbours house)
Day 2: Shadow (Evening sun on dining room chair)
Day 3: Portrait (Dave – Who else?)
Day 4: Pattern (La Paz, Bolivia – yes, this is technically not taken with the iPhone, but I was out all day and didn’t get to it till late)
Day 5: Motion (School bus) Day 6: Landscape (Country roads)
Day 7: Shapes (Bathroom lights)
Day 8: Still Life (Lonely Pear – Yes, I know it’s more than a week…but I wanted the collage to be even. Hmf.)