Mar 7 2012

(almost) no sew iPad case: diy

I’ve been looking for a simple iPad sleeve for a couple months now, but it seems everyone charges an arm and a leg for them.  So I decided to make my own.  This project is super simple and takes under an hour to complete.  All you need is some vinyl (I had leftover from some projects I did at Christmas time), lining fabric (I used a thrifted pillow case that I’ve been dying to use for something) double sided fusible interface, 3 grommets, a button and some ribbon or string to tie it all up.

I started by measuring how big I wanted the case to be.  I wanted the corners on the long edge to overlap, so I cut a square 13″ x 13″.  After that, I ironed on the liner fabric to the vinyl.  This may seem obvious to most, but just to be clear:  Do NOT iron the vinyl side!  I ironed on the fabric side, had the iron on a lower setting and even used a tea towel to make sure I didn’t melt the vinyl.  It takes a little longer to fuse, but then you don’t wreck your vinyl.  After that, I added grommets to the corners where the string would go through (originally, the string was going to go through all four corners, but that didn’t work, so that’s why there are grommets on all four corners of mine)  Lastly, I added a button to tie wrap the string around to close the case.

I considered doing a stitch around the edge (and I might still do that) to keep the fabric from fraying.  But make sure you are extra careful, because once a stitch goes through vinyl, it leaves a permanent mark!


Mar 1 2012

bits and pieces.

First of all…this is my second blog post of today. What is going on?

I must really be on the ball.

Here’s a little glimpse into my day, a la Bleubird Vintage.

The day started off like this.

Which turned into this.

And eventually, this. (x2)

I may be the only person on the planet that really enjoys making the bed.  There’s nothing better than sliding into a nicely made bed after a long day.

Bigsby likes to make sure I made the bed well.  After all, it’s where he sleeps all afternoon.Tried a new technique for loose curls.  Worked well.

My office has been seriously neglected since the week of Dave’s birthday.  I had to tackle this room today, otherwise I would be incapable of working in it when it’s like this.

Ahhh…that’s better. (I also totally reorganized the books in our living room and in my office, and freed up a whole bunch of space.  It felt good.)

I also moved my vintage cameras and a few of my old clocks onto the wall shelf and made a little display.  I like.

And then I found this…erm…charming little flower pot…

…And turned it into this much less obnoxious flower pot.

Lunch was leftover pad thai.  Om nom nom.

Worked on music arrangements for my jazz set.  Thankfully, (as much as I love playing piano) I am not actually playing piano in the set.  Just focusing on voice.

Someone was not too pleased that I woke him up by playing (*erm…LOUD*) Duke Ellington.  Look at that face.
Worked on a sketch for a dress I’m making in a little bit.  I have decided against the yellow though (sad face) as I can’t seem to find a yellow fabric that I like. (It will be sea-foam green instead)

Thursday dinner at the parents.  They were taking care of some munchkins. (“Me want your watching mine run so, so fast!” Is the first thing she said to me. I love toddler grammar.)

“…By the liiiight…of the silvery iPad….”

And lastly…finished the evening with some fresh nail polish…

And a cup ‘o chamomile. 

Goodnight, everyone. :)


Sep 27 2010

day 64: {iWant}

Today was our day off.  We wandered some thrift stores in Langley and found a sweet board game from the 70′s called “Careers”.  I would have some photos to post of the day, but when I went to take photos with my iPhone today the camera stopped functioning.  Later in the day we went to the Mac Station (secretly hoping they’d say: “Poor girl!  We will replace it with an iPhone 4″).  All they did was reset it.  And it worked again.  Bittersweet, I guess.
We also had (what I thought was) a brilliant idea while we were there.  I have been ogling the iPad since it’s inception.  I need it.  There’s no way around this.  I just need the iPad.  But…getting it is a whole different story.  But I had a cunning plan today.  I have my old (4 years) macbook pro sitting in a drawer in my desk.  I used it up until this summer when I got my iMac.  It was kept because I thought I would want to still have something portable should we go on a trip.  But then…I realized today, ‘What if I could trade it for an iPad?’  I brought it in to the Mac station to get them to evaluate how much they would trade it for.  Not much they said (but I will find out tomorrow afternoon the exact number).  Although I’m still hoping that (if the number is too low) I can sell it on eBay and get enough to get an iPad (at the Mac Station they have to buy it for quite a bit lower than if it was sold privately because they still need to make money for resale).
That’s my story for the day.
I want an iPad.
And I’ve got no exciting pictures to share.  Sorry.