Feb 2 2013

Live at La Casa

Everyone always bugs me that I don’t post these things soon enough…
So hey, everyone! We are having a concert in a month! Come one come all to Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys LIVE at La Casa! It’s going to be fanTASmic!
PS: La Casa is LICENSED. Now you can enjoy the sounds of your favourite local band while sipping a fine wine. What better way to spend your evening?


Nov 26 2012

thank-you. thank-you very much.

We had SUCH a great time on Saturday at the show at House of James.  Thank-you everyone who came out!  I was stoked that we packed the house out again!  The owner has asked us back, so it looks like we will be there at the House of James again in January.  I’m thinking we’re going to have to find a bigger venue though if we keep this up! :)

PS: Thanks to Marilyn who took this picture!  I was too distracted to remember my camera.  It’s nice to have a picture of the whole group!


Nov 19 2012

courteney rodda and the other guys – show

Hello people of the internets! Just dropping in quickly to tell you that I have a show this weekend at the House of James in Abbotsford. Tickets are $7, and the show starts at 7:30.
If you want to RSVP, here’s a link to the Facebook event:
Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys @ House of James
Hope to see you all there!


Sep 30 2012

the wedding singer.

Guys.  I can’t imagine many things cooler than getting to sing jazz, wear a dress like this…and get paid for it.

Last night Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys had their first wedding gig.  I was pretty stoked.  It was a small wedding in an old retro hall outside of town.  As I was driving out, I passed an old gas station and convenience store (that look like that haven’t been updated since 1948) and felt a little like I went through a time warp.  And with our band playing music no older than 1960 (and looking the part too), I hoped the guests also felt like they went through a time warp. ;)

We got a lot of really good feedback from the wedding guests, but more importantly the bride and groom were over the moon delighted with us which, of course, is all that really matters in the end.

Seriously though…I can’t even believe I’m lucky enough to get paid to sing jazz to people.  It’s beyond cool.  I should also mention (speaking of beyond cool) that our band was recently competed with the addition of our stand up bass player, the super talented Mr. Brent Friesen.

Not to brag (ok…actually I’m totally bragging)  but the band is a total class act.  If you know someone getting married (or if you are getting married) I (and the rest of the band) would be tickled pink to play music at your event.  If you want more info, give us a shout at info@courteneyrodda.com Or take a listen to the tracks we have up online on our (very bare looking) website: www.courteneyrodda.com/andtheotherguys

PS: I have officially fallen in love with this dress.  Oh. My.  Last night when I came home from the show I was about ready to collapse into bed and I thought…”Must. Photograph. Dress.”  So I pretended to look awake while I posed for the camera.  I need more occasions to wear this thing.  Can someone invite me to a fancy party?


Sep 5 2012

fancy shmancy

Umm…hello red dress.

I just got a new dress for performing in.  I have a couple of more formal occasions coming up that I’m singing at and this little number will be perfect.   Not to mention perfect if Dave and I ever get invited to a formal black tie affair.  Cause that could happen.  You never know.

This dress is so pretty that I put it on my dress form so that I could stare at it instead of working  make sure that is fits…um…my dress form.  Within seconds, however, Bigsby thought it looked like a fantastic red scratching post.  I murdered him  gave him a stern talking to and locked him in the bathroom.  The dress is now safe and sound back in it’s dress bag in the closet.

PS:  If you were wondering, Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys are available to do entertainment at weddings.  For more information, email me @ info@courteneyrodda.com

Or take a listen to some of our stuff at our website here: Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys