Feb 5 2014

bits & pieces – baby edition.

I haven’t done one of these for a while, so I figured it was about time.  I’ve been asked a lot lately what my day looks like with Lucy…I guess because she is on an NG tube, or maybe because of her heart condition.  Either way, I’m not sure it’s too different from another new mom–except that we are on a pretty regulated schedule.  My day is broken up in 3 hour segments now (with me having 2 hours to get something done, if/when Lucy sleeps).  We were feeding every three hours round the clock up until last week when we cut out the 2AM feed and boosted the rest of her amounts.  She does tire quickly and probably sleeps more than most 4.5 month old babies, but it’s small cat naps throughout the day.

So without further ado…here’s a typical day.

In the words of Molly Johnson (10 points if you know who that is) “Well…good morning!”  Forgive the crappy picture.  I dare you to take a good picture 2minutes and 31 seconds after you’ve been woken up at almost 5AM.

At least someone is in a good mood at 5AM.  Always big smiles from this one in the wee hours of the morning.

Minnie doesn’t ever beg for food.  We’ve never fed her scraps so she has no idea what she’s missing.  Bigsby, on the other hand, knows all too well.  He begs for bits of my breakfast muffin.  Every morning.

If I want her to fall asleep and she’s being fussy, I usually put her on the play mat…she plays so hard that she’s asleep within minutes.  It’s one of her favourite places.

Perching pug.

Early morning bread batch.

“I fell asleep on my play mat and woke up in my crib!  WHAT’S GOING ON?!”

Lucy always dresses her best, even if she’s got no place to go.

She’s 4.5 months and already tired of me taking her picture.

I’m pretty good with the emoticons, right?

Bread for the week.

It may not look like much to you, but Lucy had half an ounce at that particular feed.  The next feed she did 1.5oz which we were all very happy about.  We are trying to reinforce positive oral feed times…it’s not easy.

The lamp works well as a feed bag hanger.

Lately my one luxury a week has been painting my nails.  I never used to paint my nails (unless I had an occasion) and since Lucy has been born my nail polish collection has gone from 2 colours to many colours.  Exciting, I know.

I can’t have a bits and pieces blog post without Bigsby.  Even though all he does is this.  Sleep on the bed.  All day.

Helping me with the laundry.

“Minnie, bow your head.  Say your prayers.”  Our puppy is a Christian.  She prays before every meal, and only eats when you say “Amen”.

Experimenting with tricking her into eating orally.  She did a half ounce this way, but then the next feed totally caught on and refused that particular soother.

I made a bunch of lasagnas to freeze and save for a rainy day.  Dave couldn’t wait for a rainy day and insisted on having it right away.

My bedtime routine is this: Pajamas, Pug, Port & Pinterest.  In bed by 9PM.

Rinse & repeat the next day all over again.

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May 8 2013

just because she’s awesome.

The majestic pug in her natural habitat, basking in the soft glow of the setting sun.  She is well aware of the power she holds in her dominion, and uses it frequently to gain treats and belly rubs.


Mar 13 2013

puppies and slugs and poison. oh my!

Being (crazy?) pet owners, Dave and I have always made sure that we are on the same page about care for our little ones. Lots of people like to scoff at the amount of money that some people put into their animals and it’s true that there is such thing as overkill when it comes to certain things. In the end, however, we have come to the conclusion that if we have made a commitment to taking in these animals, we would do our best to keep them well. That sometimes means big vet bills.
Monday night Dave took Minnie out to go to the bathroom–and it was lucky that he went out with her. Normally I just open the door and let her go (especially in winter weather). He saw her obsessing in one area of the lawn and saw that it was a big pile of dead snails and slugs. He took her away from it right away and brought her in. He was upset about it, only because he thought they were rotting (he noted a bad smell) and that our landlady (who had been doing gardening all day) should have cleaned them up. I, on the other hand, had experience with one of my dogs as a kid eating slug bait and knew that this could potentially be a bad thing.
At first we didn’t notice anything except that Minnie stunk from whatever she ate. Then she started going crazy – and if you’ve ever met Minnie, you might think “But she’s always crazy!” But no…this was out of control-cross-eyed-tongue-hanging-out-not settling down crazy. Finally I held her to try and calm her and noticed her head bobbing in a weird way. She started to make sounds like she was going to puke, so we put her in the kitchen and that’s when we realized that we had to do something. She started shaking uncontrollably and was jumpy every time we tried to get near her. We called our landlady to ask if she had used slug bait, which she denied ever recently having anything to do with slug bait, and started blaming our neighbours saying they must have thrown it into our yard.
We rushed Minnie to the emergency vet (Dr. Burton in Bradner is my new hero). He confirmed that it was indeed slug bait poisoning, and that there is no antidote, and it was too late to pump her stomach (even though it had been only 1.5 hours). At this point her temperature was extremely high, her heart rate was crazy and she was drooling. His prognosis was very grim, and we left feeling almost positive that Minnie would be no more very soon. He told us to call back in an hour to see where we would be going with treatment.
One painfully long hour later we called and he informed us that Minnie had been stabilized to the point where she wasn’t shaking uncontrollably anymore. He had her on an IV and wanted to watch her through the night. We agreed.
The next morning (after not sleeping at all) we were informed that Minnie was bright and alert. Huzzah! Dr. Burton wanted to keep her on the IV for the afternoon to make sure that everything was out of her system.
When we picked her up that evening, Dr Burton expressed how lucky we were that she was alive. Small amounts of slug bait is fatal to animals, and he assumed that when we brought her in she was only going to get worse. By some crazy miracle, however, our little pug-pug is fine!
This brings me back to what I was mentioning before about vet bills. Dave and I have always agreed that if there is a situation where our animals life will be saved and there will be many years of health afterwards, taking our animals to be treated properly by a vet is worth the bill. If, however, it only prolongs the life a few months…the sad reality is that paying hundreds…thousands…it can’t ever be worth it.
We went into this knowing that there was a good chance our landlady would not take responsibility for her actions (she had already denied it once) but we also knew that there was no way we could just sit and let Minnie die because of a vet bill.
Thankfully…our landlady’s husband (who is only home about 2 days a month due to his job) happened to be home when this happened. So after getting Minnie home, Dave went to talk to him.  So Dave went straight to her husband and found out that they do indeed use slug bait, and keep it in tins hanging in their grapevines. Every spring they dump out the tins at the base of the vines and refill them, which our landlady had done that very day. He took full responsibility, was very reasonable and agreed to pay the bill.
In the end, we are just glad that Minnie fared well and is back to her silly little self. *huge sigh of relief*

PS: Here’s a little lesson in all of this: Slug bait does not dilute over time. Dumping out old slug bait is still dumping out slug bait. The vet told us that he hates slug bait and can’t understand why anyone even uses it anymore. It’s so dangerous.

(phew! that was a long post.)

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Dec 19 2012

slush puppy

…And now, for your viewing pleasure:  Minnie, the Christmas Pug!

Because more pictures of pugs is just what the internet needs.


Dec 5 2012


I have the best critters in the world.  No competition.  Period.  The end.  Don’t even try to convince me otherwise.