Dec 18 2014

51-52 Packing up.

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 51: Packing Up

15 months

At least someone in the house is enjoying the packing.  All of a sudden there are so many things to climb on and get in to!

We’ve had a major shift in our housing situation due to an unpredictable/unstable landlord that we no longer can feel we can trust or feel safe around.  Packing your house at Christmas isn’t very fun, but in the end we need to do what’s best for our little family.  Fingers crossed we can keep our sanity amidst Christmas celebrations and a disastrous half packed house!


Apr 14 2011

the silence…

I know I’ve been silent for the last two weeks, but I have good reason. I promise.
I mentioned a few weeks ago that we’ve found a place to live. Well, we are now amidst huge renos at the place that need to be done by middle of next week. Eek!
Here’s a list of what is getting/has already been done:
- Paint the living room
- The bathroom is HUGE. And when I say HUGE, I mean…it’s the size of a bathroom plus a bedroom. (Er, because that’s what it is.) The owners at one time decided to extend their bathroom into the bedroom beside. Unfortunately now the bathroom has a bunch of wasted space. So we are making it slightly smaller by putting in a walk-in closet for the Master bedroom beside the bathroom and a small linen closet for the bathroom. I just finished sanding today and will be painting all the new walls on Saturday. Next week we will put the closet shelving in.
- The FLOORS. Oy. This has been one thing after another for the floors. Originally we thought we were just going to leave them. And then we found out we could get some wood to match a spot in the living room where the old stairway used to be (which has new unmatched floor). And then that didn’t work. And then we thought we could use the original hardwood from the closet that we built to fill in the spot in the living room. We ripped up the hardwood (that’s a whole job in itself)…and then decided against replacing the new hardwood, and now we are going to try and match it with a stain. Ahhh…So….we started sanding it with a big giant floor sander. Unfortunately, the people at Home Depots rental department are a bunch of dinguses and they rented us the wrong sander. They rented us a finish sander, which will NOT take the floor right down to the wood…unless you sand in the same spot for 2 hours. When Dave went back to Home Depot to ask them about it, they said they don’t like to rent out the *ahem* PROPER floor sander because it works too well. ie, If you don’t do it right you can sand divets in your floor. But hey! Why not just tell the people how to do it right, and then they won’t screw it up! No, instead you recommend the wrong sander and we spend hours upon hours sanding and sanding and not getting anywhere. Oy. OY! So…Dave has the right sander today. And it’s a million times faster. No joke. He’s almost finished everything in half a day when it took him 2 days to do half the living room.
But here’s the kicker: We still have to rent the finish sander now…again. Thanks Home Depot.
After we sand, we are going to try and match the new hardwood to the old hardwood with a stain (it’s a different type of wood from the old stuff). Then we will lacquer…and voila! The floors will be done.
Aaand…that’s why I haven’t blogged. I probably won’t again till we move. So I guess I’ll see you in two weeks!


Mar 24 2011

we are moving!

I can finally say for certainty…
We are moving.
I have many mixed feelings about it. Overall, this is a very good thing. The property that we have been living on for the last (almost) 2 years has been up for sale for a while, and finally sold about 3 weeks ago. This is a very good thing for everyone who has been involved in the property. The new owners take possession at the end of June, and they *sigh* don’t want us as renters. I must admit, there is a part of me that is slightly offended by this. I mean really…we’re the reason this place looks as good as it does. We completely renovated it before we moved in it in Sept. 09 I painstakingly painted aaalllll the trim in the house to look as nice and even as it does. We redid the bathroom. The floors. Everything.
Oh…I could go on about how much work I’ve put into this place.
But…alas. It doesn’t matter anymore. We are moving, and that’s that. Just yesterday Dave and I found the place that we will be moving into at the end of April. There are a lot of positive things about that place, but I have a feeling after we move I might still drive past our current place and sigh.
I decided to put together a little pros & cons list to convince myself that moving is a fabulous idea.
#1 Pro about current house: My kitchen/eating area. It’s such a huge kitchen for us, and I love the big windows in the eating nook.
I LOVE having breakfast here. Especially now in spring when the weather is getting nicer and you can eat breakfast watching the sun rise. Fab.

#1 CON of our current house:
I’d have to say the noise is the biggest issue. It’s loud. We can’t watch movies with the furnace going. It’s that loud. Our fridge (since the brownouts last fall) makes this terrible groaning noise every half hour or so (that lasts for about 10 minutes). Our neighbours are a mushroom farm, and their truck drivers are careless. They drive down their driveway SO fast that our house shakes. My dad (who’s the owner of the property) has complained to them several times. There’s a sign that says “Drive slow”. But they don’t care. This goes well into the night.
#1 PRO of our new place:
The rent! It’s WAY cheaper than what we are used to. Huzzah! We will be saving truckloads of money. Er…I hope.
#1 CON of our new place:
*Sigh* The kitchen is nowhere near as cool as our current kitchen. There’s not really a designated eating area in it. We’re still not sure where we will be putting our table. It’s quite large, and has lots of cupboard space…but it just isn’t as nice as are current one.

The rest of the pros & cons:

- My office is ginormous. Seriously. It’s almost 300 sq. feet. Ah! I love it. I use half of it as a studio, and it’s been so great.
- The front deck! It’s AMAZING! It’s huge and covered and we have these two beautiful old maple trees right in front of it. It’s so nice in summer. I also spent 3 weeks clearing out a 20 year old ivy plant that was eating the entire front porch. (read about it here and here)
(the view from our deck. A vineyard, and Mt. Baker. Yes please.)
– I have a garden of my at our current house. And lots of big pots of flowers on our fantastic deck.
- We have so much space, we didn’t know what to do with it when we first moved in. I have my huge office. Dave has an office. Dave also has a den. Plus a mudroom/storage area. And a shed. It was all quickly filled with stuff…and now we have to downsize. (See my craigslist ad for my favourite blue couch that’s in my studio. Sad. It won’t fit in our new place.)

- Acres of lawn mowing. This is Dave’s least favourite thing to do. The new place has a small lawn that seems like child play next to the yard we have to keep up now.
- We are so far from everything. It takes an hour to walk to the nearest grocery store. And I am certainly not going to walk back home for an hour with arms full of grocery bags.
- One of the big cons for us about this house is that it’s not a house…it’s a trailer. Not that living in a trailer is a huge deal to us, but there are things like (for example) the drywall in trailers is way thinner than in regular houses (I guess to make it easier to move). This means hanging things on the wall is a pain. It can’t be too heavy, otherwise it will just pull out of the wall. We’ve definitely noticed build quality is a lot different from living in a house.

- It’s a 10 minute walk from a grocery store and coffee shop! There’s a park right down the road! Finally I won’t feel isolated!! Huzzah!
- Um. The bathroom is the biggest bathroom I have ever seen. It has a soaker tub. Rainwater shower nozzle. COUNTER SPACE! The owners had expanded it by knocking out the wall between the old bathroom and the bedroom next to it. Seriously. It’s the size of a bedroom & bathroom combined. Whoa.
- Hardwood floors in the living room and bedrooms. Real hardwood floor. I love wood floors. LOVE.
- We will be getting a walk-in closet in the bedroom. AH! Yes! A walk-in closet! Dream come true!!
- The living room is big enough that I can have my piano in it! Yay!

- Well, this isn’t really about the new house, but more about moving away from our old house. There are these outdoor cats that I have kind of sort of befriended. One of them is preggos right now. I am very sad to be moving when Cali-cat is to be having kittens. I would very much like to take a kitten…but I don’t think we will be here when it happens. Sad.

Umm…other than the kitchen, there are really no cons that I can think of with the new house. We will have enough space. The living room has a HUGE window that gives lots of natural light (that’s a big PRO for me.) And we will be able to do gardening as well. This is most exciting.

Well, it seems as though the pros outweigh the cons for our new place. I’m excited to move. I really think this new place is going to be great.


Sep 12 2009


Finally, after almost two years of being in either our parents house, a dorm, or in a hostel–Dave and I are back on our own! Wow! It’s like we’re grown-ups or something!

We’ve moved into a little house on one of my parents farms that Dave is working at. It took a while to fix up (previous tenants smoked inside/were major slobs) But we are now officially in our house!
Right now I am still unemployed/working on photography (self-employed?) And learning how to cook (much to Dave’s: (a) Chagrin (b) Delight (c) Distress?)
It’s been very nice unpacking all of our stuff that was in storage for the last two years. It almost felt like Christmas! Except…everything was used, and it was all very practical stuff like kitchen utensils and dishes.
To the left is a photo of my parents cat who became very attached to me in the last two months at my parents house. She jumped in one of my boxes while I was packing, as if to say “Don’t forget me!” Although I’m pretty sure she’d soon want to go back to my parents house when she found out that the big fat white cat that has been living with her went with us.
I’ll post more pictures of the house soon!


Feb 18 2008

Get a move on…!

Has anyone tried to move a whole house one small carload at a time? It sucks. We’ve been trying to move a little bit more leisurely since the last time we moved it had to be done in one day….and it was just a big gong show. Now we have more time, so we are doing what we can, when we can. I feel like my house is in complete disarray though…ok, I don’t just fee like it–it is.

While I thought that moving a little slower would be a lot less stressful, it’s strangely unsatisfying. Now that a quarter of my stuff is in a different location, all I can think about is packing everything else up and getting it all there. Oh well. I’ll just have to wait till someone with a truck (namely, my father) comes and rescues us from our pathetic attempt at getting a move on.

Meanwhile, today was a beautiful day for February. I walked around outside barefoot for a while and it felt so lovely. Just after Dave left to teach drum lessons I ran outside and tried to capture the last little bit of the beautiful day. There wasn’t much sun left; the moon was out though. If I could only figure out how to capture the moon without it looking like a big orb in the sky, I’d show you how pleasing the sky looked tonight. But alas! I must wait till I can afford the big zoom lens…then maybe I’ll have more success.