Mar 12 2012

something for a rainy day.

Today Dave encouraged me to work on my blog books, something that got put on the back burner last summer and has been taunting me ever since. I am in the middle of putting together photos and blog posts from Spring 2009…and I came across this picture. (It seems I always happen upon this picture around the same time each year.) It’s almost exactly 3 years ago that this was taken. We were at the 6 month mark of our 10 month world-travellers-extraordinaire-trip. This was on the Red Sea, on a scuba-diving excursion. It was warm. And beautiful. I had a tan for the first (and probably last) time of my life. We had no jobs. No worries. No cell phones. Just a suitcase and dreams.
Hmmm. Maybe looking at pretty sunny happy pictures was a bad idea.
I think I’m ready for this grey/rainy/windy/cold weather to go away. Like…right now.


Jan 4 2012

just one of those days.

Chicken soup on the stove.
Gusty wind.
Gray skies.
Cozy slippers.

I have a big post planned for tomorrow. I have a number of big projects that I will be starting soon.

But today…
I’m just gonna kick back.

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Oct 5 2010

day 72: "hipsta tuesday." {mundane}

I told Dave the other day that I was going to do a whole series of hipstamatic photos on mundane scenes…or as I called them…” things you see every day, but don’t really look at.”.
These are the traffic lights by Costco.

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