Aug 23 2012

summer days.

***This post is as per my nephews request who, I think just wanted to show the pictures of him flying through the air to his mom to scare her. ;)***

The days of summer backyard BBQ’s are coming to a close.  I can’t say I’m entirely sad, because the days of pumpkin pie and rainy days are coming and those are my favourite.  However, it is sad that soon we won’t be able to eat our Thursday family dinner out in the backyard and run around in the sunshiney weather.  This is what a standard Thursday looks like when dinner is finished:


Mar 9 2012

a sneak preview. coming soon. ;)

Today I posted a couple images as a preview of Ryan + Jolene’s engagement session, over at my photography website.  Check it out!


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Aug 20 2010

día veintiséis: oncoming autumn, impending apologies, imminent sleep deprivation.

How’s that for a title?

(dead Allium is almost as pretty as live Allium!)

I have three subjects for my post today.
I don’t feel like figuring out how to blend them together in one flowing post.
Here’s the first subject.

There is really not much to say here…but I feel I need to express how much I want it to be Autumn, full swing.  I’m starting to notice things changing.  Here and there.  The cottonwood trees next to our house have been spewing leaves all over our driveway for a week now.  The last few days the air has been a little cooler, and cleaner feeling.
Ahh, listen to me.  It’s still August and I can’t stop thinking about Fall.  I guess it’s because all my summer events have passed, but I’m still hecka busy (like that?  hecka is a sweet word.  I think I sound pretty cool using it.)  The arrival of Fall will mean that I can relax a little more.  My schedule won’t be so busy.  I’m ready to put on a sweater and read Calvin and Hobbes, while the wind blows all the leaves around outside.
Yes.  I like Autumn.  And it helps that my I’m an Autumn birthday girl.  Make the season that much better.

There are two things about apologies here.  First is that if you were reading my blog yesterday and it looked weird (grey background, grey text) it’s because I was playing around with the code for the design.  You may have noticed the layout is slightly different now.  I hope you like it.
This week at work I had a bit of a run-in with someone.  I won’t go into too much detail, because I’d have to explain my whole job.  Essentially, I have something that I do every morning.  Tuesday, a lady thought that it had been done wrong and decided to start “fixing” it.  She saw me halfway through and had a few choice words for me about how to do the job properly.  I told her that it had been done properly and showed her what she missed (at this point, I was not feeling ruffled at all.  Just pointing out facts.)  Later I noticed her, still trying to “fix” the job (quite frantically).  Over the next hour I overheard her cursing and griping about how stupid this whole thing was.  I was confused, because I thought we had sorted out the problem.  Near the end of the day I decided to help her out and finish some things that she had started (This is very normal where I work.)  As I was working, I hear her shouting across the room, “Where’s my work?!  WHERE’S MY WORK?!”  I waved her over and said that I was finishing it up for her.  Without a word, she snatched the papers from my hands, gave me the look of death and stormed off.  Bewildered, I went back to my desk to do some work alone feeling a little bit run-over (since I was only trying to help).

The next day I found out that all the “fixing” she had done had caused a heap load of problems (which didn’t surprise me, because she wasn’t used to doing that specific job.)  I expressed my perplexity of the situation to a manager and she maintained that the lady would probably apologize to me.  I was doubtful.  Later on that day I had a snarky middle aged lady chew me out at Devon Nursery because she didn’t hear me say “Excuse me” four times.  That, in addition to the situation with the lady at work was making me think there was something in the water that middle aged ladies were drinking.

Today at work I was dreading seeing the lady arrive.  My manager still maintained she would apologize. I still maintained that I was doubtful.
Lo and behold though, she arrived and what was the first thing she did?  Apologize.  Not just “Oh, I’m sorry I was rude.” But a heartfelt sincere apology.  I was so impressed.  I have had people be rude to me in the workplace before.  I have never ever had anyone apologize to me.  I have a whole lot more respect for her because of that.
Moral of the story:  If you are rude to someone you work with, just apologize.  Seriously.  Your work day will go so much smoother if you do.

Aaaand thirdly.
Yep.  I had a long day at work.  I had a busy evening of chores.  My back hurts.  And I have to be up early to do more chores.
Good. Night.