Sep 12 2010

day 49 {a poem. *ahem*}

Here is Bigsby
A cat that is white.
A cat that is white,
Who enjoys a good bite.

He bites, and he bites,
And he bites when he fights.
He bites in a fight,
And he fights for a bite.

He bites when the light
Doesn’t hit him just right.
Then he bites when that light
Isn’t as bright as he’d like.

He bites in the night,
‘Cause the light had took flight.
Then he’ll bite till the light
Wins the fight with the night.

But then he bites, and he bites
‘Cause the light isn’t right.

And he bites, and he bites
And he bites bites bites.
You’d think that with all of this biting, it’s alright.

But Bigsby’s owner will tell you,
“It’s just not polite,
To go about biting everything in your sight.”
So turn from your biting, find other delights!

Try flying a kite!
Kite flying’s alright!
And perhaps you could write
A poem to recite.

But whatever you do,
If it’s fright, or excite.
Never bite everything.
It’s just not polite.


Mar 13 2008

"Gods Kingdom"

Gods Kingdom is for models
For the elite and well-to-do.
Gods kingdom is for superstars-
Gods kingdom is not for you.

Only Gods true children,
Get blessed with special things–
Like motor boats, and pick-up trucks
And enormous diamond rings.

At church we plan great parties,
Where we eat and drink and chat,
And tell each other all the things
That we are better at.

We never are in danger–no,
God shields us from the outside life.
We can not raise a finger, lo–
It might cause us some awful strife.

Gods children are the choosey ones.
Not chosen–we chose him!
And this club He is the center of–
- It’s hellish to get in.

We know we are above all else,
Heck, even God himself.
And maybe after a little while,
We’ll put God on a shelf.

We’ll still plan our great parties,
We’ll still boast about our wealth.
And we’ll pity those with ugly clothes
And the poor and sick in health.

“Gods Kingdom” is a special club–
We named it after him.
But now that we have kicked God out,
It’s feeling rather grim.