Mar 6 2012

it’s the little things.

Some of you may know that for the last few years I have had a job on the side working with flowers and plants. Somehow, despite never really trying to work in the floral industry…I have always ended up in it. Lately I’ve been eyeing these little 2″ succulents at work and wanting to take them home with me. Finally after finding the right pots for…I took a couple home and made a little garden. It’s funny how such a little thing like a plant can make you happy. But the best part about these plants? Bigsby is totally uninterested in eating them.
Unlike this poor soul that he devoured a few years back.
Sad face.


Feb 15 2012

new do.

I am quite fond of being a redhead. I am also quite fond of my hairdresser, and the great job she did with my new hair colour yesterday. Huzzah for awesome hairdressers!


Sep 7 2011

At about 4:00, when my brain completely melted out of my ears and I couldn’t work any longer, I decided to take pictures of things in my house   Because it was too hot to go outside.  And it was too hot to work.  (Remember, my brain had melted out of my ears. There was no reasoning behind this).


Oct 2 2010

day 69: {stuff…and things…and stuff}

I spent most of today getting a little intensive editing done…and when that happens, I usually forget things like dinner. (Dave was gone all day, so I also have a hard time justifying cooking for one)
Incidentally, it is now 10:30PM, and all I’ve eaten today is a small amount of chow mein and some chocolate cake.
I was going to have some news for today, but I found that it will have to wait till Monday.  Let’s just say I’ve been perusing the iTunes store a lot more in the last few days.
Just you wait. :)

*side note* This morning Dave informed me that he needed a picture of himself doing dishes for a sermon illustration.  What a great way of tricking him into doing all the breakfast dishes!  Err…I mean…Look! Dave is doing the dishes for me!  I didn’t trick him at all!  What a lucky girl!