Apr 8 2012

…to the easter parade…

Okay, okay…so there’s no Easter Parade…and I’m not wearing a bonnet…and there’s no sonnet being written…(but I really wanted to quote something from Bing Crosby’s Easter Parade song.) BUT…it is Easter, and I made this dress especially for today (although I will be wearing it a lot this summer, I’m sure).
This is probably the most success I’ve had with sewing without a pattern. I reeaaaallly spent my time on this one. I did all french seams, the dress is fully lined and the hem is the nicest hem I have *ever* done (and it should be…it took me 4 hours!)
I drew up the dress about a month and a half ago and finished it within probably 2 weeks (although the total hours in the dress are more like 16 from drawing it to final press).
This weekend has been GLORIOUS weather. We have had the latest most miserable spring so far…and then this weekend it all changed. Things are only starting to bloom now. Yesterday we spent all day outside and today took a little stroll down by the library where they have planted a ton of beautiful cherry blossom trees. I feel giddy just looking outside. It’s amazing.


Nov 3 2011

impressions of a vacation.

We’ve done it.
Booked our vacation for 2011.
It only took us the entire year to decide…
And of course, it will be at the very end of the year.
I haven’t had a real non-work related trip for some time now, so as you can imagine, I’m fairly stoked. We decided to go to Banff over New Years. The original thing that drew us to Banff was the Banff Springs Hotel, but after looking at their prices (minimum $400 a night, up to $1400! Phew!) we decided that we’d go the cheaper route at a different hotel (and then loiter in the Banff Springs Hotel lobby when we could)
I’ve never been on a wintery vacation such as this. We have a cabin up north by 100 Mile House that for years and years I tried to convince my family to spend Christmas up there, but to no avail. In my mind, wintery vacations are lovely and perfect and cozy and all those things you think of when you imagine the perfect winter.
I seem to have this problem, however, of setting myself up for failure with vacations. I imagine everything happening just as it should. No traffic on the way. The hotel rocks. The weather is perfect. Everything is reasonably priced. The food is amazing. In a sense, I’ve already experienced the vacation in my mind before I’ve even arrived at the location. When any one of those things don’t happen…well…
Perhaps, however, I should take a different approach to vacationing.

Perhaps I should imagine everything going wrong. Arriving late at night, barely finding the hotel (and when we do, there’s no parking). The bed will be too small, and it will be uncomfortable (hmm…so far, this sounds like our San Francisco experience). The weather will be unseasonably awful, and when we try to escape from the weather–everything will be closed. We will prepare to spend way too much on food. And it could taste really bad. We will have not packed things we need.
And so in this case if I imagine all these things as true, I can prepare for the worst. I’ll think – “Hmm, spending time stuck in the hotel room playing board games isn’t so bad.” Then if anything in the aforementioned list fails to happen I’ll be exceedingly happy.
Yay for vacations!

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Mar 15 2010

An Epic Battle

It seems to me that there is a battle going on in the weather system.  Perhaps this happens every year–in fact, I’m sure it does.  Every year, Winter wants desperately to hold on to territory that just doesn’t belong to it.  But this year Spring had a plan–and that was to attack early.  I really think it caught Winter off guard.  Everything is in bloom, and the “first day of spring” hasn’t even come yet.  This is most exciting, as Winter really did a poor job of ruling.  Popular opinions of The Winter Season were quite low, at a mere 18% approval rate.  This coming weekend Spring officially has the right to take over the Season.  I’m hoping that Winter doesn’t try to make a comeback.

This weekend Dave & I decided to check out the new art gallery/museum in downtown Abbotsford called “The Reach”.  After being in museum after museum in Europe, I was skeptical to what might be in my little town of Abbotsford.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  Despite being small, there were high quality displays in a building that feels like, well, a real art gallery.
Afterwards I took a plethora of photographs of the AMAZING cherry blossom trees that are in full bloom outside of the art gallery, and then we walked across the park to the Library to get books to satisfy our geeky needs.  (Dave took out a book called “The Complete Guide to Self Sufficiency” a book about farming your own food, ect.  I got a book about Celtic Myths, and another about Europe in the dark ages after the fall of the Roman Empire from 400-1000AD)
Even with the time change this weekend, much fun was had by all.

I am desperately awaiting Spring’s official arrival.  All this teasing is too much.  We must have nice weather.  Must.