Dec 17 2015


51-52  It was one of those weeks were I just couldn’t pick one picture to share.  We had our FIRST snow of the winter and it was so exciting!  I mean, it wasn’t much but it’s long overdue so we were excited.  Lucy is wearing my snowsuit that my mom made for me when we lived up in Northern BC.  I’ve been hoarding it away and hoping that it fit her at least once on a snowy day.  So here’s our proof!  She was so cute in it.  I love how kids walk in snowsuits.  At one point (before we were outside) she fell over and lay on the ground like an upturned turtle saying “help! help!”

But seriously.  Just look at that face.

Also, can I just point out how irritated I get when people say that blue is meant for boys?  Um, look how pretty Lucy looks!  She’s my little snow bunny.


Dec 19 2012

slush puppy

…And now, for your viewing pleasure:  Minnie, the Christmas Pug!

Because more pictures of pugs is just what the internet needs.


Mar 14 2012


…I think I want the rain to come back.

The weather this week just keeps getting crummier.


Nov 25 2010

day 106: {snow day}

Yep.  It snowed today.  A lot.  And apparently it’s all going to be gone by tomorrow.  Rats.