Jul 11 2014

bits + pieces – summer days

I haven’t done one of these posts for so long, and I just got a new camera this week so…obviously I had it with me all day long.  Here’s what a typical summer Thursday looks like for us.

(above: morning greeting from the cat)

She’d rather eat her fingers than the banana.

The ends of breakfast.

Closet reorganization during naps.

Chasing the cat.  All. Day. Long.

“Why won’t the kitty be my friend?!”  I know Lucy.  This has been my lifelong question as well.

…and yet, despite him running away she still went on looking for him.

An afternoon at grandma and grandpas.  Minnie is cheering on Lucy while she learns to walk.

This.  A free standing jolly jumper and a kiddie pool.  You guys, this girl has never been so happy.  We combined her two favourite things in the world.

Taking a break in the shade before heading back into the pool for round two.

This face.  I die.

A Thursday family dinner photo series wouldn’t be complete without an awkward eating photo of my nephew.

She thought she was too cool for a photo session.

Exhausted after a long afternoon playing.

He says he wants a kiddie pool at home, and if the neighbours wonder he will just tell them it’s for his niece (Lucy).

Still tired…but making smiles for Aunty Maria.

Picture of a picture…

Second wind…

 The “please take a picture of me with Lucy so we have proof that I was here too” picture.


May 2 2014

18-52 sunny days

Project 52 – A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 18:  Sunny days

7.5 months old

This is one of those posts where I just couldn’t pick one.  Impossible.  Thursday was the first day that we really spent time outside with Lucy.  Not that she hasn’t been outside before, but she usually would freak out because it was too cold or windy or whatever other random reason a baby might freak out.  But the weather has been getting beautiful and so we spent the afternoon and evening at my parents place.  They have a lovely big back yard with lots of shade which is great for me and my ivory baby.

She’s getting so good at sitting on her own and rarely falls over now.  She prefers to play sitting up now, and gets frustrated when she is laying.  She has also developed a new…um…unique way of moving around.  Since she hates being on her stomach (and turns right back to her back as soon as you lay her) she is nowhere near crawling.  But, if she is on her back she will arch her back and balance on her heals and the top of her head and scoot around.  Whatever hair she does have is going to be rubbed off soon, I fear.

I got her a pair of sunglasses which she thinks are the funniest thing.  Every time I put them on her she gets a big goofy grin on her face.

She is desperately trying to walk on her own, and often tries to let go of your hands and go if you hold her up.  Seriously baby, you are 7.5 months old and not even crawling! Take it easy!


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Aug 23 2012

summer days.

***This post is as per my nephews request who, I think just wanted to show the pictures of him flying through the air to his mom to scare her. ;)***

The days of summer backyard BBQ’s are coming to a close.  I can’t say I’m entirely sad, because the days of pumpkin pie and rainy days are coming and those are my favourite.  However, it is sad that soon we won’t be able to eat our Thursday family dinner out in the backyard and run around in the sunshiney weather.  This is what a standard Thursday looks like when dinner is finished:


Jul 20 2012

rainy mornings

I like summer.  I really do.  But days like today…they are a nice break.  And something inside of me can’t help but get excited for autumn on a day like today (it is, after all, my favourite time of year).

Minnie the Pug is still not sure about her rain vest yet though.  However, she is more unsure about the rain (and without the vest she just stands at my feet and shivers) so at least she will *ahem* do her business outside when it’s raining now.



Jul 12 2012

bits + pieces: evening edition

So.  Summer finally showed up here in BC.

It’s nice.

But it’s pretty hot.

We bought and air conditioner.  It’s first time I have actually wanted one.

Right now I am sitting in the house with all the lights off.  Somehow, it seems cooler that way.  I shot everything for bits and pieces with no lights on.  Aaand…that’s about how the evening went.

The remains of iced coffee.

I painted a little today.  This is not what I painted.  This is just my palette.  But I’m thinking it’s starting to look good enough to go on the wall. :P

Don’t worry, Bigsby fans.  I have not forgotten the wondercat since the coming of the Pug.

Worked on a little Rachmaninoff today.  First time since getting the Pug that I have been able to sit at the piano for longer than 2 minutes.

Blinds and curtains.  Shut.  Don’t let the light in.

This cotton eyelet dress gets worn a lot lately.

These are also getting a lot of use too.

He taunts her.  Somehow he forgets that she has chewed through that gate twice, and will do it a third time if she really wants to get to him.

Resting in the air-conditioned room.

Broke a string on my ukelele.  Dang.

Messy kitchen.  I’ll get to that tomorrow.

Minnie the Pug thinks it’s hot too.  She was sleeping, until she saw the camera.  Then she started barking at it.

The last light.

There goes the neighbourhood.

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