May 3 2014


We used to be travel snobs.  Dave and I both loved the idea of vacationing for excitement and education.  Visiting a place that was interesting was far higher on our list than a tropical climate and a pool. When people would say “Yay!  We are going to Mexico on our vacation!” we would go “Oh. Nice.” (and raise our well travelled noses up in the air).  The thought of going somewhere just to do nothing sounded pointless.  Why not just crank the heat in your house, put on a bathing suit and lay in your bathtub if that’s all you want?

I don’t know exactly when my perspective changed on vacation.  At some point last year when we were thinking about our baby-moon vacation we both thought the best idea would be to go somewhere where we wouldn’t have to think much about anything.  The prospect of being parents was tiring.  And then we became parents…and tiring went to a whole new level.

The other day I was looking through a friends travel pictures from their time at an all inclusive resort and I felt an overwhelming sense of “I NEED THAT RIGHT NOW.”  I said to Dave “What is this all about?  I never had any desire to spend time at an all inclusive resort.  I’ve never wanted that kind of vacation, and now it’s all I can think about.”  To which he responded “It’s probably the first time in your life that you actually need that kind of vacation.”

 When I was looking through the pictures that I wanted to include in this post, I’ll admit I felt a little jealous (a lot?) of my old self.  It didn’t help that Lucy was laying next to me screaming…(teething…seriously guys.) I have to keep reminding myself that there are seasons for everything.  Our season right now is sedentary/survival child-rearing.  We will likely be more mobile in the summer (once Lucy is more mobile) and then it will change to non-stop/survival child-rearing.  Maybe “survival mode” will even transition to “relaxed and confident”.  And maybe one day we’ll get to experience adventure again, but for now we’ll just have to find joy cranking the heat and sitting in the bath tub with our bathing suits on.

Different seasons.

Below: A trip down memory lane…because I can’t forget that we used to do exciting things…

The foothills of the Andes, in Bolivia (AKA, the place that took our breath away and made us and pull the vehicle to the side of the road to take pictures)

Layers of buildings, La Paz, Bolivia

Lomas de Arena, Sand Dunes in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Dave, on a river boat coming back from drilling a well for a tribe in the Amazon.  (Bolivia)

Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Paris, France

Parliament buildings, London, England

Budapest, Hungary

Jurassic Coast, England

Scuba diving in the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheik, Egypt

Watching Dave scuba dive…(because I was chicken…but the boat was lovely)

Cairo at dusk. Egypt

Monastery of Saint Pishoy, Wadi El Natrun, Egypt

(above + below) Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey


Jun 8 2013

#projectrodda2013 Mexican getaway

At the end of May, Dave and I took off on our very last big solo Rodda vacation before the little critter arrives.  We decided to go to Mexico for two reasons: 1, We don’t normally vacation in resorts and thought it might be a nice change (considering I wasn’t planning on doing a lot of trekking around) and 2, I had been to this area of Mexico twice before with my family and it was familiar to me.  I (surprisingly) didn’t want a vacation where I had to figure out too much about the area/culture (chalk it up to being tired and pregnant).  We ended up at the same resort in San Jose del Cabo where my brother and his wife took their honeymoon (another easy choice, so there wouldn’t be as many surprises).  Most of our time was spent reading/swimming/laying by the pool/eating.  We did do a couple things in town though…where I quickly discovered that I am a wimp when it comes to being overly hot.

Dave read three novels.  The Kobo has been good to him.

We took a sunset dinner cruise.  It was lovely, up until the very end when they decided to make it into a dance party booze cruise.  Not exactly my scene…

There was a cruise photographer who took our picture and tried to sell it to us.  Pff.  I can do better…see?  Most of our faces are in the shot. (Her picture did suck anyway…even if it had our whole bodies in the shot)

When the cruise turned into a dance party, I very much longed to be on one of these boats.

The church in downtown San Jose.

The best food we had the whole vacation.  Beautiful little sunken courtyard restaurant in San Jose called La Panga Antigua.

Chips and Salsa.  A lot was had.


Nov 3 2011

impressions of a vacation.

We’ve done it.
Booked our vacation for 2011.
It only took us the entire year to decide…
And of course, it will be at the very end of the year.
I haven’t had a real non-work related trip for some time now, so as you can imagine, I’m fairly stoked. We decided to go to Banff over New Years. The original thing that drew us to Banff was the Banff Springs Hotel, but after looking at their prices (minimum $400 a night, up to $1400! Phew!) we decided that we’d go the cheaper route at a different hotel (and then loiter in the Banff Springs Hotel lobby when we could)
I’ve never been on a wintery vacation such as this. We have a cabin up north by 100 Mile House that for years and years I tried to convince my family to spend Christmas up there, but to no avail. In my mind, wintery vacations are lovely and perfect and cozy and all those things you think of when you imagine the perfect winter.
I seem to have this problem, however, of setting myself up for failure with vacations. I imagine everything happening just as it should. No traffic on the way. The hotel rocks. The weather is perfect. Everything is reasonably priced. The food is amazing. In a sense, I’ve already experienced the vacation in my mind before I’ve even arrived at the location. When any one of those things don’t happen…well…
Perhaps, however, I should take a different approach to vacationing.

Perhaps I should imagine everything going wrong. Arriving late at night, barely finding the hotel (and when we do, there’s no parking). The bed will be too small, and it will be uncomfortable (hmm…so far, this sounds like our San Francisco experience). The weather will be unseasonably awful, and when we try to escape from the weather–everything will be closed. We will prepare to spend way too much on food. And it could taste really bad. We will have not packed things we need.
And so in this case if I imagine all these things as true, I can prepare for the worst. I’ll think – “Hmm, spending time stuck in the hotel room playing board games isn’t so bad.” Then if anything in the aforementioned list fails to happen I’ll be exceedingly happy.
Yay for vacations!

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Aug 15 2011

The long long drive…

Last Saturday, Dave and I headed out on a road trip to San Francisco.  If you’ve been reading my blog, then you’ll know it’s because I attended a photography seminar with Visual Supply Co.  (I’ll write more about that later this week).  I decided to try something new for our vacation photos–I was only going to use my SLR for something that I foresaw myself framing.  Everything else was done with my iPhone 4, and instagram.  It’s funny…I was much more excited to take pictures with my cell phone than my SLR (probably because taking it out when your in a restaurant or in a really busy place is sometimes awkward.)

Here’s a few of my favourites.  You can view the rest on Flickr (the gallery images below link to Flickr)

We are going here.

Seattle Tunnels.

Lodekka.  The coolest vintage dress shop ever.  Portland.

Rolling Hills…somewhere…South of Portland…. :S

Password: Tacos.

Taking the Coastal Road.

Giant Trees.

This was supposed to be a view of something.  It was a view of fog, that day.

Thanks, 1960′s kitsch.  You made the Redwood Forest an…experience…of some sort.

Yeah, we drove through the tree.

They’ve cut down a lot of the surrounding trees since I was there last (15 years ago). :(

So. Much. Fog.

So close!  But then…there was a crazy accident.  And we sat in traffic for an hour before we got anywhere. :(

Aha!  Arrived!  …And so has the fog.

Waiting for the bus, downtown.

OMG.  Tastiest BBQ’d ribs.  @ Asqew Grill restaurant, Haight st.

Morning view from our hotel.

Speaking of our Hotel…it’s the blue and white building.

This was pretty tasty too. (gourmet mexican hot chocolate. mmm.)


In Hippie Land.  The Red Victorian.  Look it up.

Last dinner in San Fran.  On the Pier.  Seafood Pasta.  Mmm.

California.  No airconditioning.  Bad.

Mt. Shasta.  The drive home.

Rest Stop.  Hours in car up till this point: 8.  Starting to go squirrely.  Taking pictures of my feet.

No airconditioning + 10 hours in a car = Weeeee!

My husband burps sunbeams.  He’s just that special. (12 hours)

Our melted brains couldn’t resist McDonalds.  Look how pleased Dave is!

And then the sun set.

But we still weren’t home.

It was only 17 1/2  hours after we left San Francisco that we got home.  To a very needy cat.  And a comfy bed.

The end.

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Dave&Courteney:SANFRAN, a set on Flickr.


Aug 16 2010

Day 22: Sightseers.

Yesterday, after arriving to Vancouver to my brothers place, we realized that the next day we had planned to go to Squamish with a friend to do some scenic sightseeing.  Rather than drive all the way back to Abbotsford and then drive all the way back out to North Van (where our friend lives) and then to Squamish, we stayed the night at my brothers place (and saved a lot of time).  Today we went up to Shannon Falls, Brandywine Falls, Squamish (to the Howe Sound Brewery for lunch), and then (when the Howe Sound pub informed us they were out of the dessert we wanted) we decided to drive the extra bit to Whistler to find dessert.
I’d love to write more right now…but I haven’t been home since yesterday noon and after driving hours and hours without air-conditioning, let’s face it–I need a shower.