Mar 2 2011

day 162: the 70′s.

I’ve been in the mood for clothing with a 70′s vibe lately. Without anything in particular to blog about today, I decided to post what I was wearing, since I liked it so much. :)
My top is from Istanbul, from one of those little hippy shops that are so prevalent in the city. I absolutely love the colours and the print on this top. And it reminds me of a fabulous city that I plan on visiting again.

(I couldn’t seem to find a picture of myself wearing it in Istanbul, but here’s a pic of a much slimmer/tanned Courteney when we were in Budapest, which we went to shortly after Istanbul).

While typing this, I’m listening to some classic 70′s John Denver, wishing I had a pair of high waisted bell bottoms with platforms and thinking about growing my hair long and rocking a center part.

Um…I am also wishing the temperature outside would be in the 70′s.

Too much 70′s?


Jun 23 2009

In Review…The last two months…

Considering this blog is rather late for many of the events, I’ll just leave it at the photos, and a very brief description.
After Athens, we headed to Crete (the largest of the Greek Islands) We spent the week lounging on beaches and wandering ancient ruins.
A long overnight ferry ride and a short flight later, we arrived in Istanbul, Turkey where we met my brother, his wife, two children and their nanny. We spent three weeks in Istanbul–and it was well worth it. It’s a wonderful city.
Our next plan was to take the “Orient Express” (it’s not actually called that anymore, but it’s the same station and routes) from Istanbul to Budapest. The train ride deserves a whole blog on it’s own, and maybe one day I’ll have the patience to do a retrospective post on that.
Two sleepless nights later, we arrived in Budapest.
Budapest is a sight to see. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I have been to. The architecture there is breathtaking. It’s very well preserved…(well, it appears to be! One of the amazing things about Budapest is that a lot of it’s major buildings were destroyed during WWII and the Soviet Occupation later, but they were fully restored to their former glory)
After a week in Budapest, we hopped a train to Paris (via Austria and Switzerland). We even went on the high speed train in first class! W00t!
Paris is INCREDIBLE. The city is an entity that breathes beauty and culture. The food, the atmosphere, the art. I could go on and on about how much I loved Paris. It was my favorite of our entire trip. By far.
When are week in Paris was up, we headed on back to England where we caught up with some friends briefly, and then….
After 10 months of being on the road, we arrived back in Canada, and it sure felt good.