Jun 8 2013

#projectrodda2013 Mexican getaway

At the end of May, Dave and I took off on our very last big solo Rodda vacation before the little critter arrives.  We decided to go to Mexico for two reasons: 1, We don’t normally vacation in resorts and thought it might be a nice change (considering I wasn’t planning on doing a lot of trekking around) and 2, I had been to this area of Mexico twice before with my family and it was familiar to me.  I (surprisingly) didn’t want a vacation where I had to figure out too much about the area/culture (chalk it up to being tired and pregnant).  We ended up at the same resort in San Jose del Cabo where my brother and his wife took their honeymoon (another easy choice, so there wouldn’t be as many surprises).  Most of our time was spent reading/swimming/laying by the pool/eating.  We did do a couple things in town though…where I quickly discovered that I am a wimp when it comes to being overly hot.

Dave read three novels.  The Kobo has been good to him.

We took a sunset dinner cruise.  It was lovely, up until the very end when they decided to make it into a dance party booze cruise.  Not exactly my scene…

There was a cruise photographer who took our picture and tried to sell it to us.  Pff.  I can do better…see?  Most of our faces are in the shot. (Her picture did suck anyway…even if it had our whole bodies in the shot)

When the cruise turned into a dance party, I very much longed to be on one of these boats.

The church in downtown San Jose.

The best food we had the whole vacation.  Beautiful little sunken courtyard restaurant in San Jose called La Panga Antigua.

Chips and Salsa.  A lot was had.


May 14 2012

bits + pieces – weekend edition

It’s been a while since my last post (and for good reason!)  I work part time in the floral industry, and with Mothers Day this past weekend, my work days were long.  And once everything died down…I got strep throat.  So needless to say I’ve been not in a blogging mood lately.

Two weekends ago was the annual Mennonite Brethren BC Pastors and Spouses retreat out at Harrison Hotsprings Resort.  It’s always a really lovely time, and Dave and I really enjoy meeting with all the other pastors and their spouses from all around British Columbia.  Not to mention all that time in the hot pools was glorious.  I brought my camera…but barely captured anything.  (I was too busy relaxing!)

(Ice-cream at the beach in Harrison.  Yes.)

This last weekend Dave and I went up to Rolley Lake to take advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been having here.  I love how there are so many beautiful places to visit in BC.  Even after travelling all over the world, I’m pretty convinced that this is one of the loveliest corners of the earth.

Dave was being a good sport.  He’s not generally a fan of modelling for pictures. ;)

“Oh, Hi!”

Ack.  Too close.

That’s better.

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Jan 3 2012

sparkly mountains and snow covered trees

Dave and I have come to the conclusion that winter vacations in snowy mountain retreats are the ultimate.
In short–Banff is so stunningly beautiful I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to visit it.
I don’t know if I could adequately put in words how lovely of a time we had up there. So I will show you pictures instead.
(Above + below are views from the terrace of Banff Springs Hotel, where in summer time you can have a meal)

We spent time at Lake Louise on New Years Eve – and even went on a sleigh ride around the lake!  It was so charming.

(Later that evening Dave and I had planned out being out in town.  But when it came right down to it, all the places we wanted to be had a cover charge…and it was too cold to loiter on the streets till midnight.  So…we bought a bottle of wine and spent New Years in our hotel room…watching a Mythbusters marathon.  Huzzah!)

(it was SO cold that day)

New Years Day was relaxed. We went for a drive intending on visiting a Ghost Town, but the road was closed from snow. So we kept going down some other back roads and discovered some beautiful locations where no one else was around.

 Lake Minewanka



Two Jack Lake–Totally frozen over.



(These boots are older than me.  They have lived through winters in Northern BC.  They are better than my new winter boots that I got only last year.  My mom is not getting these boots back.)

The roads were not as treacherous as I thought they would be.  The only time we were delayed was going into Banff (they closed the road between Revelstoke + Golden–we had to wait in Revelstoke for 3 hours while they cleaned up the accident)

While the roads were not as treacherous as I thought they would be, it was still too dangerous to just stop wherever to take pictures.  And many of the viewpoints have not been cleared of the snow so there was no way to get to them.  Therefore…all the following images were taken while I hung out of the window of our car.  That’s safe, right?


Nov 3 2011

impressions of a vacation.

We’ve done it.
Booked our vacation for 2011.
It only took us the entire year to decide…
And of course, it will be at the very end of the year.
I haven’t had a real non-work related trip for some time now, so as you can imagine, I’m fairly stoked. We decided to go to Banff over New Years. The original thing that drew us to Banff was the Banff Springs Hotel, but after looking at their prices (minimum $400 a night, up to $1400! Phew!) we decided that we’d go the cheaper route at a different hotel (and then loiter in the Banff Springs Hotel lobby when we could)
I’ve never been on a wintery vacation such as this. We have a cabin up north by 100 Mile House that for years and years I tried to convince my family to spend Christmas up there, but to no avail. In my mind, wintery vacations are lovely and perfect and cozy and all those things you think of when you imagine the perfect winter.
I seem to have this problem, however, of setting myself up for failure with vacations. I imagine everything happening just as it should. No traffic on the way. The hotel rocks. The weather is perfect. Everything is reasonably priced. The food is amazing. In a sense, I’ve already experienced the vacation in my mind before I’ve even arrived at the location. When any one of those things don’t happen…well…
Perhaps, however, I should take a different approach to vacationing.

Perhaps I should imagine everything going wrong. Arriving late at night, barely finding the hotel (and when we do, there’s no parking). The bed will be too small, and it will be uncomfortable (hmm…so far, this sounds like our San Francisco experience). The weather will be unseasonably awful, and when we try to escape from the weather–everything will be closed. We will prepare to spend way too much on food. And it could taste really bad. We will have not packed things we need.
And so in this case if I imagine all these things as true, I can prepare for the worst. I’ll think – “Hmm, spending time stuck in the hotel room playing board games isn’t so bad.” Then if anything in the aforementioned list fails to happen I’ll be exceedingly happy.
Yay for vacations!

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Feb 1 2009

The Andes, Pre-Incans & Waterfalls

This last Monday we spent our day off doing a little exploration of Bolivia. We went for a drive through the foothills of the Andes which after about three hours landed us in the little village of Samaipata. Above the village, higher on the mountain is Fuerte De Samaipata which is a pre-Incan, and later Incan ruin. When the Spanish came and conquered the Incans they didn’t want to be so high up in the mountain, so they built their city in the lower valley.

The ruins are really interesting, but sadly, are deteriorating quite rapidly due to the rain.

Later on in the day we visited a waterfall–Las Cuevas, which was incredible to cool off in, in 30 degree weather.
On another note–the drive up there was breathtaking. We joked around that if it got any better we probably wouldn’t be able to handle it. Every corner we would take, everyone would gasp and pull out their camera.