Nov 26 2014

[home video] deer lake 2014

I’m really behind with…well, almost everything.  But the internet went down the other day and I wasn’t able to do what I had planned for the afternoon (which was to blog a photo session on my work site) so I ended up finally finishing the video of our camping trip from this summer.  So if you are one of those people who get depressed during the winter and always wish it was summer, then here’s a winter pick-me-up. (*side note* I LOVE the winter.  I am not one of those people)

I made a video in 2012 of our last camping trip to Ross Lake and I just realized I never posted it here or on my vimeo channel, only on Facebook.  Here’s the video of our slightly disastrous camping trip to the mosquito haven named Ross Lake.

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May 10 2014

sweet potato baby

Food before one is for fun!

Lucy has been tasting solids for the last month or so, and the sweet potato seems to be her favourite (not surprising!) She is insistent on feeding herself though and only lets the spoon in her mouth if she is holding on to it.

Independent spirit? I wonder who she got that from…

PS: I can’t believe this is the first video I’ve done of her with my real camera…that has to change…


Feb 11 2012

today. I filmed a video.

I am majorly stoked. Today I worked on a feature for the blog that will (hopefully) become a regular thing. It is…however…a butt load of work. Here’s a little screen grab of what you will behold in a few days:


Mar 13 2011

my weekend project…

My husband is the music pastor at a local church (Ross Road Community Church) here in Abbotsford, and because of that I have had opportunity to work on a number of videos that are used for the church. I have always loved video projects (although have never actually had any training in it) and it’s been great for me to actually have real projects with goals (and not just filming my cat…haha). To be honest, video was something that I was interested in far before I ever even discovered photography but for some reason only ever pursued it on a personal level. The fact that quality video cameras were a lot less accessible when I was a teenager was probably a big factor too. When they started making SLR’s with video capabilities I decided that (since I was in the market for a new SLR camera) getting one with video was a must (even if it meant that I would just make videos of my cat…although I hoped it would be more than that. ;) ).
This video was shot for the Sunday service (today) for the sermon based on Colossians 2:16-23 (Freedom from human rules). My husband came up with the idea for the video and I came up with the aesthetics and shot and edited it.

We shot it in about an hour with one of the girls from the youth group (who had no idea about this before, we just showed up during youth and asked for a volunteer. She did well, I think!) It was in the church gymnasium, which we had completely dark except for one tree of halogen lights (from my dads construction site) and another smaller floor halogen light (another construction light). I only had about 3 hours to edit it, but it’s a fairly simple video so I wasn’t terribly stressed about my time crunch.
I’m excited to do more videos for services, and can’t wait to develop a little more in my video making. I hope you enjoyed it! :)


Feb 28 2011

day 161: our little farm

I took this footage last summer when I first got my 7D (the first day I had it), and never did anything with it.
The recent cold weather made me want to think of warmer times…so I threw these clips together with some summery old timey music.