Aug 24 2012

black + white: a moody day

I don’t often go for drives on my own; but today I had to get out of the house owing to the fact that I’ve spent all week inside working on photography stuff.  Of course, what do I do then?  I get out of the house and take more pictures for myself to edit.  Oh well.

Fall is in the air.  I can practically smell the pumpkin spice lattes brewing.  I even wore a scarf today.  Oh, the anticipation!


Jul 20 2012

rainy mornings

I like summer.  I really do.  But days like today…they are a nice break.  And something inside of me can’t help but get excited for autumn on a day like today (it is, after all, my favourite time of year).

Minnie the Pug is still not sure about her rain vest yet though.  However, she is more unsure about the rain (and without the vest she just stands at my feet and shivers) so at least she will *ahem* do her business outside when it’s raining now.



Apr 8 2012

…to the easter parade…

Okay, okay…so there’s no Easter Parade…and I’m not wearing a bonnet…and there’s no sonnet being written…(but I really wanted to quote something from Bing Crosby’s Easter Parade song.) BUT…it is Easter, and I made this dress especially for today (although I will be wearing it a lot this summer, I’m sure).
This is probably the most success I’ve had with sewing without a pattern. I reeaaaallly spent my time on this one. I did all french seams, the dress is fully lined and the hem is the nicest hem I have *ever* done (and it should be…it took me 4 hours!)
I drew up the dress about a month and a half ago and finished it within probably 2 weeks (although the total hours in the dress are more like 16 from drawing it to final press).
This weekend has been GLORIOUS weather. We have had the latest most miserable spring so far…and then this weekend it all changed. Things are only starting to bloom now. Yesterday we spent all day outside and today took a little stroll down by the library where they have planted a ton of beautiful cherry blossom trees. I feel giddy just looking outside. It’s amazing.


Apr 5 2012

proudly pale.

Go ahead. Call me pasty. See if I care.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about our cultures obsession with having a “healthy tan”. Maybe it’s because it’s been so dull and rainy around here and I’m eager for some sunshine. Maybe it’s because summer is just around the corner and everywhere I look I see fashion magazines and store displays with models that have that golden hue. But I have to be honest…the obsession perplexes me. What the heck is a heathy tan anyway? I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t exist. (Go and google “Healthy Tan”. See what comes up).  When I was younger, my mother instilled a sunburn fear into me.  I am *obviously* very fair (bordering translucent?), and so the sun and I don’t always agree.  But over time it’s just become one of those things…you know…always have sunscreen on…sit in the shade…wear a hat (which I don’t do often enough).

I can’t help but think, however, that these are not things that should just be reserved for us translucent people.  I don’t want to sound like a party pooper…I do love sunshine.  But this tanning fixation (especially with young girls) freaks me out.  Here’s what our beloved Wikipedia says about tanning:

“Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation is known to cause skin cancer, make skin age and wrinkle faster, mutate DNA, and reduce the immune system. Frequent tanning bed use triples the risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. The US Public Health Service states that UV radiation, including the use of sun lamps and sun beds are “known to be a human carcinogen.” It further states that the risk of developing cancer in the years after exposure is greatest in people under 30 years old. However, recently released FDA data suggests that indoor tanning beds emit 12x more UVA radiation than the sun and has been categorized in the “highest cancer risk” group along with smoking tobacco.”

That’s nice, right?

The other day I was in the drugstore and I overheard the saleslady talk to a mother and daughter about sunscreen.  At first she seemed a little pushy.  She was adamant that these ladies knew exactly how, and how often then needed to apply sunscreen and that even then they shouldn’t be spending too much time in the sun anyway.  A little bit outspoken for a perfect stranger at a drugstore if you ask me.  But then she went on to tell the ladies that 5 years ago she had a large portion of her skin removed and grafted due to skin cancer.  I thought it was rather amazing that she put herself out there (at the risk of coming off as an irritating saleslady) and told these ladies straight up that if they didn’t take care of themselves they could risk the same thing.

It’s funny (in an ironic kind of way), because we are so wrapped up in having healthy bodies and lifestyles.  Eating organic this, and using chemical free that.  But for whatever reason sun tanning doesn’t fall into the unhealthy category.  Then we try and tell ourselves that it’s all for the sake of vitamin D.  Right.


I’m no expert…but all I know is that when I’m 50, I’d rather not have skin that looks like leather…and I’d like to skip that whole skin cancer thing altogether.  And for those reasons, I have no problem when people laugh at my pale legs when I wear dresses.

Okay, I’m done now.  Rant over.


Apr 1 2012

without description.

Sometimes I take pictures, and I don’t have a story behind it. Sometimes they happen just because I’m driving down the road and something catches my eye. Or I get an idea of a picture I want to take, and I set it up.
Most of the time, those pictures don’t make it to my blog. Now they have a home.
I made this section of my website to showcase my art in a non-fussy way, without having to feel like the image needs a story to go with it. They are just my pictures, without description. They stand on their own. (I hope!)
This coming week I will be sharing about future plans for my online presence. Right now, I technically have 4 websites up. I know you must be thinking…”Good grief, this girl has websites coming out of her ears.” Um…and it’s true. There’s no reason why I should be so compartmentalized.
But this will be changing. I want to be able to express that in a post of it’s own, so stay tuned. :)
PS: The image above does have a story…kind of. This morning we had dark foggy grey clouds, and I had this idea of taking a panoramic picture of the mountains with the clouds hanging over them, and lots of dark grey sky. Well, by the time I got out of church it was beautiful and sunny. Happy! But…I still wanted cloud pictures. So we managed to chase them down to the Matsqui flats, where I did some shots. It wasn’t foggy and grey like I imagined (more like fluffy white happy clouds) but I have a feeling BC won’t deprive (har har) me of another day like that.