Apr 23 2012

bits and pieces

Breakfast rarely deviates from this.
Someone loves it when I don’t make the bed right away.  Someone also got really annoyed two minutes later when I started making the bed.
Wearing all thrift store ‘rags’ for Church. ;)
Time to dye my hair.  Not so red anymore.  :(
The drive into Vancouver.  View from the Port Mann.
New Bridge. Old Bridge.  I can’t tell you how happy I (and about a million other people) will be when this is done.
Arrived at the Brothers.  Had a Cassis Martini.

 The Sister-In-Law prepared the most fabulous paneer curry.
There’s a good chance this conversation was about beer making.
…Inevitably always turns into this.
Tiny feet.

Food!  Glorious food!
Intense conversationing.
This was very nice.
As was this.
Especially when had with this.
And this.

I realize this post took a sudden turn towards food and wine…but that’s how it goes sometimes. ;)  It was a good day.


Nov 5 2010

day 98: {winer}

Back in the day, Dave & I used to buy a bottle of wine quite regularly.  A certain trip to Europe, however, has made sure that we don’t have money to spend on alcohol (not that I’m complaining about said Europe trip though!).  A few days ago we bought a bottle of Port.  I have very much enjoyed having  a small glass before bed.  Today, Dave decided we should buy some wine. Two bottles, in fact! Imagine that!  We haven’t had this much alcohol in our house since…a very long time ago…
Right now I am enjoying a Riesling from the Blue Nun Winery.  (I haven’t had white wine in ages as well.)  It is an exciting day for sure.


Oct 5 2009


I am a creature of habit. And my habits of late have been mostly pertaining to food. Lunchtime is no exception. My lunches every day are a sandwich made with homemade sourdough bread (I love baking bread. Especially old worldish breads) with spicy genoa salami, aged white cheddar & dijon mustard. On the side I have a salad (usually arugula) with feta cheese, and a bit of red wine vinegar & olive oil as dressing. Today I broke my habit of a glass of water and had a glass of wine (Merlot) as I was celebrating the final edits of my first wedding session.

I love lunchtime. And I love finishing projects. Today was a good lunch.
By the way–10 points to anyone who can name the movie the above quote is from. 20 points if you can tell me the scene and prove that you didn’t just google the quote. :)


Jun 10 2007

Chocolate Cake….

I just had chocolate cake and vanilla gelato for supper, and a glass of white wine, and a half glass of red wine. It was lovely. Today was slightly dissapointing, because Dave was going to suprise me with upgrading my wedding ring to bigger diamonds. I love diamonds. I love bigger diamonds even more. When we bought my ring originally they made Dave think that it was an easy affordable process to upgrade. Well it’s not, and it’s a big scam. So sad. I wanted bigger diamonds. Oh well. Dave says maybe at Christmas time. Christmas time is a magical time of year, so I beleive him.
I also went looking for a light jacket to wear, since I’ve had the same jacket since grade 11. It’s getting kind of grungy looking. I can’t beleive I still own it. I’m embarrased when I see people from highschool and I’m wearing it. I’m sure they are thinking “Gosh…she still has that thing?” So I came home really discouraged, feeling like my whole wardrobe just looked cheap and mismatched, so I purged about 75% of it. Dave said “Now you wont feel so guity if you buy something new.” I think that’s a good attitude for a husband to have.
Do I sound materialistic today? Probably. I just really want to get a nice light semi casual jacket. Where can I find one?