Feb 16 2011

day 151: {whtw} hard at work

Today I finally caught up to all my photo posting with my photography site.
Here are my top three photos from the last three sessions I did:

The South Carolina Wedding.
This one was difficult to pick a favourite, but I have to say the expression on the groom’s (Andy) face is priceless.
View the rest of the images here: Margaret & Andy – Wedding

January Family Portraits.
I loved how the framing turned out on this one. There were quite a few from this session of the couples that I really liked as well–view them here: The Giesbrechts, Family Photos

John & Ev – Musicians
We were going for straight up simplicity in this photo session. I love when photos can be simple and focused. I think we achieved that here.
View the rest of the session at my website: John & Ev, Musician Session


Feb 9 2011

day 146: wthw {fail}

You see all these lovely little swatches of fabric? I spent a long time measuring and carefully cutting them out. These are the beginnings of some accessories for Chatty Budgies. And then when I went to sew them just now…I realized I cut them all half the size they are supposed to be. Seriously. It’s not a huge deal…but really…It just means more cutting for me. And now I’m tired.

Today was an errand day. Lots of running around town getting things done. I did a lot, but it seemed I didn’t get a lot done. Ever have one of those days? Yarg. Perhaps that’s why I cut all these pieces of fabric wrong. I’m so miffed.
On the plus side…I found the most amazing thing EVER at MCC that I will blog about tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Feb 2 2011

day 140: wthw {a dress project}

I have been having a heck of a time trying to find a dress for Valentines day.
And then Dave said to me today: “I’m sure you have lots of nice dresses at home. You probably shouldn’t buy another one.”
: (
But I am determined to have something special. Even if it means I have to get out the sewing machine and fan-dangle a few things.
So I have this lace top that is from the thrift store. I bought it to use the lace in Chatty Budgies projects. I also have about 8 meters of beautiful peach fabric that I bought for chatty budgies from the thrift store and let’s be honest, I don’t need all 8 meters for accessories.
So I’m making a dress.
The top is obviously going to be the lace top that I have. This was key–I can sew pretty well from a pattern, and I can do little bits without a pattern, but doing stuff like sleeves and armholes and all that jazz without a pattern…not going to happen. So having the top just saved me a lot of hair pulling. I’m quite happy to have sleeves too. A lot of the newer formal dresses that I have found are strapless or sleeveless. Come one! Some people don’t want to show off their arms!
Underneath the lace will be a bodice with a sweetheart neckline. The skirt will be high waisted and fitted, with a 1″ band around the waist and a pretty bow to finish it off.
Wish me luck.
This might just end up getting torn apart and turned into 1000 little hair accessories.


Jan 26 2011

day 135: wthw {not really feelin’ it.}

I really didn’t want to blog today. But in the spirit of perseverance, here goes.
I had a busy morning doing the finishing edits on a wedding that I did recently. There was some really challenging colour balancing (the ceremony was in a church with RED carpet. The colours were blue and pink…and the carpet made everyone look like they had red skin.) So by noon my eyes were done looking at the screen.
But, on a happier note–I booked tickets for VSO (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) today for our Valentines. I am so very excited. Dave and I used to go out to Vancouver a lot more for theatre and I’ve always wanted to include VSO in our culture budget. Luckily convincing Dave was not a problem (we listen to CBC almost exclusively), and now here we are! Two tickets to Rachmaninoff & Dvorak with Sara Davis Buechner on piano at the Orpheum. Huzzah!!!
Now I have the the *ahem* dilemma of what to wear.
Anyway, after feeling totally over being on the computer this afternoon, I decided to take a quick trip to H&M to find some tights (and if I happ’d upon one–a dress). I, of course walked out with nothing that I intended–although I did find this sweet little gold leaf necklace.
But…I still can’t figure out what I’d like to wear. I’ve searched Etsy…the problem that I’ve found is that all I seem to find is XS or S sizes. Some medium. Not very many large. Yarg. I was just on ShopRuche.com…nice…but nothing stood out. Went to Modcloth.com and that was…over my budget.
Any suggestions on places to look? I want classy, retro. Probably full skirted, (but I’m not picky) and NOT strapless. I really wanted something ice blue. But again…not picky.


Jan 19 2011

day 128: wthw {blue}

Whatever the heck Wednesday meets Poppytalks Winter Colour Week. Prepare yourself for random blue objects in and around my home.

My ‘new to me’ thrifted blouse that I found at MCC today.

Blue Bow. Blue eye.

Blue weather.

My favourite blue suitcase. Yes, I can and have fit everything I need for one weekend in this.

Old blue books.