Oct 6 2010

day 73: {untitled}

I was sorting through photos to put on my iPad this evening and I passed this one of the girls and I from YWAM on one of our last days in Bolivia. I miss these people immensely. This was from a little resort we went to that had the best outdoor pools I have ever experienced.

On a completely different note, yesterday I put out my back literally the second I grabbed my purse to leave work. It seems to be going out a lot lately for no apparent reason. Today I’ve gotten done only things I can do while sitting with an icepack or heating pad on my back….limited basically to computer work.
*sigh* ….Therefor leaving me with a dirty house (and unmade bed. Uck.)

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Aug 23 2010

day29: Tour-guides!

I am quite pleased with this photo.  I took it while I was waiting for Dave to pay for parking in Vancouver this morning.

We took our out of town guests, the Joyces to Vancouver today.  It’s always fun taking people who aren’t very familiar with, or have never been to Vancouver.  I love the city so much, I have no problem playing tour guide.

I also have no problem with the fact that I captured this image of Alex while we were by Canada Place.



Aug 22 2010

28th day: People. Brownies.

Today, there was a lot of people at our house for dinner.

I made little chocolate brownies covered in modelling chocolate.

They ate the brownies.

My cat attacked many of them.

I felt a little overwhelmed at times.

Overall, however, it was good.

Then they went home.

Well…some of them.

This is the end of my bad post-modern poetry.

We had a YWAM Reunion today.  A family that worked at the school we went to in England came home to Washington for the summer.  They have many friends in Abbotsford who have attended the school over the years, so we decided to throw a BBQ at our place so that they could invite them all and see them.  It was really great (but a little surreal at the same time) to see everyone.  They ended up then crashing at our house for the night, so that they wouldn’t have a long crazy drive home.
Poor Bigsby was so confused.  First *his* house was invaded by people for dinner…and then some of them had the nerve to stay the night on *his* domain….*sigh*….our cat doesn’t take well to change…


Jan 1 2010

Happy New Year?

This past year as most of you know I spent time in England doing school with an organization called YWAM (Youth With a Mission).  We were trained to work out in the mission field.  We were informed regularly of many different unstable/severe/downright scary world situations from fellow YWAMers all over the globe.  Having grown up in a pacifist tradition (Mennonite) and also spending a great deal of time on my own studying pacifism, I felt even more set in my beliefs in pacifism after YWAM.

While packing for home after YWAM, I passed a friend in the hallway of the school.  She had been cleaning out her room, and found a pendant (in the photo) in the trash (I still don’t know why she was going through the trash… ;D ) and gave it to me as a joke.  We laughed at how cheesy the pendant was and then parted ways.

Recently I found the pendant again and thought about how ironic it was that it had been thrown away, considering what it said.
“World Peace Now” ….Ahh…too much to ask for.  It’s not my problem.  Trash it.
Have we given up on world peace?  It feels like it’s a problem that’s so huge, none of us can ever do anything about it.  Leave it to the world leaders.
Perhaps in the new year there are things that we can do personally that will bring about change.  Maybe they’re small.  Maybe we won’t see an affect on the world in the new year.  Maybe we won’t even see an affect on our city in our lifetime.
But if by doing something differently you knew that you could bring peace somewhere, sometime–would you do it?


Mar 7 2009

Bye Bye Bolivia!

So it’s been a month since we’ve been out of Bolivia, and it’s been…well…a long time since I have blogged.

Bolivia flew by like you wouldn’t believe. We finished our time at El Camino halfway through February, and then did some work during Carnivale, the big festival (aka drunken street party) in South America where everyone drinks lots, arms themselves with pressurized soap suds, and/or paint and sprays each other. Due to that, I didn’t want to risk bringing my camera. We did some dramas on the street, and handed out “hangover remedies” that had an aspirin attached to a card that said “Esto es para tu dolor de cabeza….Jesus es para todos tus dolores!” (This is for your headache–Jesus is for all your pains)
After that we spent a week in La Paz, hanging out with backpackers in an uber cool hostel called “Loki”. La Paz is the highest capital city in the world at 12,000ft above sea level. The elevation definitely is an issue, as EVERYTHING is La Paz is on a hill. You have to stop every 5 minutes to catch your breath because of how thin the air is. It’s incredible beautiful though. We really enjoyed the city a lot. One of the highlights was visiting the Mecado de Brujas (Witches Market). A lot of the ladies selling things are called “cholitas”–part of an ethnic group in Bolivia. You can recognize them by their big bowler hats and full skirts. I got to take a picture of one of them after I bought this strange fossilized bug from her. (I’ve got to be honest–the only reason I bought the fossil was so I could take her picture) She very gladly posed for me, and later on whenever I would walk past she would call out “Photograph! Photograph!”
On the way back from Bolivia, Dave watched “James Bond: Quantum of Solace” on the flight. If you haven’t seen it, it’s actually set in Bolivia. Just so you know–Bolivia is nothing like how they portrayed it in the movie (for one thing–Bolivian Desert?! Are they talking about the sand dune outside of Santa Cruz? ;) There is no hot Bolivian desert like they showed in the movie. The Antiplano, where I guess they are trying to place it, is nowhere near hot. It’s 12,000ft above sea level, in the friggin’ Andes. It’s cold.) They also didn’t even film it in Bolivia. Go figure.