Mar 6 2016

32 weeks

32 weeks.

At this point in my pregnancy with Lucy I was unknowingly nearing the end.  I had about a week and a half left and I was fully miserable.  I did a little overlay of this picture with my 32 week picture with Lucy and I was a good 1.5-2 inches bigger in the belly.  This time around, while I am certainly uncomfortable, it’s much more manageable.  I even performed in a concert yesterday and survived!

I am confident that I am in this for the full duration, which is good because we still have another 2-3 weeks left on our renovations in the house.  Dear baby, please do not come before that, otherwise you will not have a room to sleep in!  And lets be honest, while I know that a baby can sleep anywhere, I’m not in the mood to rearrange a house while trying to care for a newborn (and a crazy toddler).


Feb 7 2016

28 weeks

28 weeks (yesterday) and trucking along.  Things are progressing really well (and going so fast!) We’ve gotten to see baby a lot at ultrasounds because of my history with Lucy, and from what it looks like Baby has a perfectly formed heart and intestines (along with everything else!)  He is measuring at exactly the 50th percentile, so we’re not expecting a giant (yay for labor!)

I don’t really feel like my belly has gotten a lot bigger since last time, but maybe it is just how I’m standing here.  Baby moves SO much and I’m starting to think that either A) I’m hyper sensitive, because I never see my other pregnant friends twitch constantly, and surely their babies are kicking too… OR B) Baby is just a full on hyperactive ninja.

Here’s my picture for 28 weeks from Lucy!



Jan 13 2016

24 weeks.

24 weeks last Saturday!

I totally forgot got lazy and never did a 20 week picture.  In my defence, 20 weeks was around Christmas time (busy!) and I had the WORST cold/plague that I’ve had in years, and I’m still getting over it.  Huzzah for month long sickness!

I was going to announce at the 20 week picture what we are having, but better late than never, right?  So without further adieu, (and if you care/don’t know already)…baby #2 is a boy!

Dave and I both had a feeling from the beginning–same as when I was pregnant with Lucy.  Funny how that works!  I’m feeling pretty good all things considering.  This pregnancy is much better than Lucy’s pregnancy.  I’m being monitored a lot closer due to her issues, but so far everything is looking very normal!  Baby boy kicks and punches and rolls ALL DAY LONG.  The ultrasound technicians have all told me I’m lucky to have an anterior placenta (meaning it’s on the front, cushioning the kicks) otherwise I might be going crazy by now.

We are in the thick of more renovations in the house right now so that we can have a space for baby when he comes.  I’m a little sad that I can’t help out, because goodness knows I love to swing a sledgehammer in to a wall…but apparently it’s not a good idea to do those things when you are pregnant.

All in all, things are progressing well and we are excited for whats to come!



Dec 31 2015

2015 favourites

It was really hard to pick just one favourite from each month!  We had such a crazy year.  Moving, buying a house, renovating the house, moving again, getting pregnant and starting more renovations.  All with little Lucy tossed in the mix!  Whenever I think that she hasn’t changed that much since the beginning of the year, all I have to do is look at some of the earlier pictures and I realize that, wow, she has grown!  Here are my favourites from each month of the Project 52.


Dec 29 2015


52-52  There it is.  The last photo.  I kept thinking I would try and capture some epic christmas moment for the last photo; perhaps a big reaction or an exciting scene.  What ended up happening though was that after a very busy Christmas season with rehearsals, concerts, parties and family events I got ridiculously sick the DAY that it all slowed down (…Christmas Eve).  I ended up being so out of it I only really picked up my camera twice–Christmas eve (to quickly get a picture of her in her dress) and Christmas morning (for about 5 minutes).

Lucy loved Christmas.  She loved spending time with her cousins and as a bonus, she did really well with eating (we learned that stuffing is a new favourite).

For gift giving, we follow the mantra “Something you want, Something you need, Something to wear, Something to read” for her.  It helps to keep the budget small and hopefully once she’s a little older and understands more, her expectations for gifts won’t be of something grand.

Just as an example for the presents we did:

Want: Duplo!  Lucy has been obsessed with Lego lately and since Dave and I have also always been Lego people, we were really excited to add a new set to her little collection.

Need: A Melissa & Doug mop and broom set.  She loves to help clean and I wanted her to have something in her size so that she could learn about helping out around the house.

Wear: A new pair of pants and a cute shirt for winter/spring transition.  For the first time ever, Lucy has grown out of her pants not in height but in width.  Wow!

Read: Mickey Mouse 5 Minute Fairy Tales.  A new interest of Lucy’s is Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  I liked that this book had very classic style Disney illustrations with a bunch of classic fairy tales.

I say it every year, but it’s hard to believe that this year is over.  So much happened!  We are looking forward to 2016 and all that it holds.  I don’t plan on doing the 52 project anymore.  It’s been a great tool to capture the first 2 years of Lucy’s life in a way that I never would have without the project.  I’m hoping to be a bit more relaxed in my photo taking in the next year though.  With a new baby and about a bajillion home renovation projects (yup, we’re at it again in January) I think the camera and the blog need to take a bit of a rest.