Jan 27 2011

day 136: thriftday {stripey}

One of my goals for having a day about thrifty-ness was to talk about not just thrift-store stuff, but to also talk about being “thrifty” with other things (in the future, I’ll share some of my cheap healthy recipes…etc, etc.)

Todays thrifty post is simply about my $10 dress from H&M that I got yesterday. I wasn’t really planning on posting about this, but I was outside taking some pictures for a friend when I decided I might as well do a few for my blog. I don’t really plan on doing regular “What I wore” sort of posts, because honestly, there are enough people who have whole blogs devoted to what they wore. And considering I’m not much of a model…well…we’ll just keep these kinds of posts at a minimum.
Anyway…It’s a very rare occasion when I actually will buy something when it’s full price at a store. This dress was $40 full price! $30 saved. Being thrifty with new product means being patient till when it goes on sale.
Now I don’t plan on spending too much time/money on new clothes this year (and when I say new, I mean brand new. “New to me” is what I’m going for.) Dave and I are trying to be more conscious about buying second hand stuff (not just to save money, but more to save waste). But there is the odd occasion that I will not be able to resist a cute little H&M dress on sale. :)

PS: Today I was feeling totally crappy. I guess the stress of yesterday’s work knotted up my shoulders and today I woke up with a mondo headache and stiff neck. I was very deliberate when I dressed this morning to put on something pretty, because at least if I felt gross I didn’t look half bad. ;)


Jan 26 2011

day 135: wthw {not really feelin’ it.}

I really didn’t want to blog today. But in the spirit of perseverance, here goes.
I had a busy morning doing the finishing edits on a wedding that I did recently. There was some really challenging colour balancing (the ceremony was in a church with RED carpet. The colours were blue and pink…and the carpet made everyone look like they had red skin.) So by noon my eyes were done looking at the screen.
But, on a happier note–I booked tickets for VSO (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) today for our Valentines. I am so very excited. Dave and I used to go out to Vancouver a lot more for theatre and I’ve always wanted to include VSO in our culture budget. Luckily convincing Dave was not a problem (we listen to CBC almost exclusively), and now here we are! Two tickets to Rachmaninoff & Dvorak with Sara Davis Buechner on piano at the Orpheum. Huzzah!!!
Now I have the the *ahem* dilemma of what to wear.
Anyway, after feeling totally over being on the computer this afternoon, I decided to take a quick trip to H&M to find some tights (and if I happ’d upon one–a dress). I, of course walked out with nothing that I intended–although I did find this sweet little gold leaf necklace.
But…I still can’t figure out what I’d like to wear. I’ve searched Etsy…the problem that I’ve found is that all I seem to find is XS or S sizes. Some medium. Not very many large. Yarg. I was just on ShopRuche.com…nice…but nothing stood out. Went to Modcloth.com and that was…over my budget.
Any suggestions on places to look? I want classy, retro. Probably full skirted, (but I’m not picky) and NOT strapless. I really wanted something ice blue. But again…not picky.


Jan 25 2011

day 134: hipsta tuesday {organized}

I seem to take great pleasure in organizational activities. Many times, when I am bored I will take on an area of the house and do an overhaul. Yesterday it was the closet. The thing that pleases me the most is all the hooks that I hung for the jewelry and scarves that I wear the most. Clean Closet = Happy Courteney.


Jan 24 2011

day 133: the trials and tribulations of a Monday.

It appears that there was some strange force that was doing whatever it could to stop me from blogging about these paintings today.
As I said in my last post, I had planned on writing about these paintings since yesterday, but I needed to give them a little tlc first. This morning had cleaned them up all nice…but everything was broken glass in frames, finding new glass that was an inch too long, no nails to hang the paintings…arg. After I had finally gotten them hung up and prettified, I snapped a few pictures of them and got to work. I was literally a minute away from opening word press to post, when the Internet went down. A minute! One freaking minute!! I fandangled with the router for a while, but finally relented and decided to let my brother fix it in the morning. It was still early, however, so dave and I figured we’d go to the local coffee shop with wifi to finish our work.
I figured I’d just quickly throw the pictures onto my iPad and work from there. Apparently, however, 2 images take up more than the allotted space on my iPad. Really? Two 1024px images take up 5gb? What the heck?
This was proving to be a lot more difficult than your average blog.
Finally (after shouting at my iPad for a few minutes) I realized there was a folder in my Aperture program library that claimed to hold 13000 images (13000 imaginary images, I might add).
Ok. So that box got unchecked. 2 blog images, now on my iPad.
But apparently my blog app than I had from before I used word press doesn’t support wordpress.org sites. Only wordpress.com. And nor can the word press website upload images to your blog when you are using an ipad.
Seriously. It was just supposed to be a simple post. Two pictures and a little text.
After downloading the officially word press app (supports .org!) I attempted my login. Error.
Dsjkfbkjsdvbksdvbkjskbsdkjvskjbsdvbs……..*steam comes from Courteney’s ears*
Tried login again.
Error. Apparently something needed to be checked off within the admin of my website to allow for iPad editing…or…whatever…
So here I am. My espresso macchiato is done (and it was burnt tasting), and so is this post.
Well…kind of. I haven’t even written about the paintings.
Ahhhh…so….ta da! My paintings from Granny & Grumpas. 2 dollars for these beauties. They look great above my piano. :) I have no idea if they are actually old, if they were someones high school art project, or what…but I love them.


Jan 23 2011

day 132: A heapful of old stuff.

I couldn’t resist.
Dave & I went to our newest favourite spot: “Granny & Grumpas” (I blogged about it last week: “The Find of a Century”). We took my parents and brother and sister-in-law today after church. I didn’t really have any intention of buying anything…but really…you can’t go there and walk away empty handed. It’s impossible. Today I came home with two books: “Beetons Book of Household Management” (It’s copyright 1861, but this was printed in 1977), and my personal fave: “Foods, Nutrition & Home Management Manual. Home Econimics Circular No. 1″ (Distributed by the department of Education of British Columbia. Printed in 1939.) They will fit in quite nicely with my vintage Etiquette books.

I also got a stack of vintage valentines cards (from what I can gather so far, they range from the early 1900′s to the 1940′s–with a majority of them being in the 10′s to 30′s range.) I can’t decide whether to sell them on Etsy or to keep them all to myself. They are so pretty! Almost all of them were printed in Germany (although they are all in English) and have some sort of pinwheel action (arms moving, etc) or are popup die cut cards.

The last things I found are two paintings that I will be blogging about tomorrow. They need a little TLC first, which is my plan for my day off tomorrow. :)