Jan 17 2012

questions + queries

I’ve been mostly stuck at home for the last few days, due to the above weather keeping me from doing a whole lot.  (I certainly don’t mind the snow–but we do live out in the country, so the snow plow hasn’t been on a few of the roads making it difficult to do errands)

It’s been good for blog planning though.  I spent some time looking at my stats for visitors and was surprised by a few things.  For example:  In the last three weeks, I have had visitors from 74 cities (in 24 countries) all around the world.  In the last year, my most popular month was February, with almost 1000 unique visitors (as opposed to page loads).  My average is about 500 unique visitors a month.  Probably the biggest reason for that large number was because I was doing the 365 project, and was posting on an every day basis then.

Here’s the thing: knowing that I have gained a fair readership–I’m wanting to put a lot more into the blog.  In the future, perhaps looking for sponsors (but that remains to be seen) but I definitely want to step it up.  So here is where I need your help.  I know that many of you are reading, and only about 2% are commenting (often times on my facebook page, rather than here).

I’d like to know:

A) What brings you to this blog?

B) What days/time of day are you more likely to read/look at blogs?

C) What would you like to see more of on this blog?

Commenting is super easy!  If you are viewing the post separately, there is a form at the bottom of the post. And if you are viewing from the homepage, there is a link that you click on that says “make a comment” and voila!

I’d LOVE to hear back from you.  I want this blog to be full of awesome sauce.  So comment.  Now.

Please. :)

PS: Like what you see? Want to share it with friends? I just added an easy “like” button and “share” button that will connect to facebook. Huzzah!


Jan 4 2012

just one of those days.

Chicken soup on the stove.
Gusty wind.
Gray skies.
Cozy slippers.

I have a big post planned for tomorrow. I have a number of big projects that I will be starting soon.

But today…
I’m just gonna kick back.

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Dec 8 2011

christmas lovelies.

Here we go. It’s Christmas decoration time. And this one’s a doozy.
After days and days of saying to myself that I would post–I have finally cleared away some time to clear out all my current project materials from the living room so that I could take pictures of our decor.
I really did intend on posting a lot of these decor items as DIY’s, but…you know how it goes at Christmas. DIY posts take twice as long as just doing the project, and I just didn’t have the spare time to share. Sigh.
But hopefully you can be inspired by some of the images. My goal was to spend as little money as possible, and use materials that I could find in the backyard, or at thrift stores. I’m majorly pleased with the outcome.

These wood decorations are some of my favourites. They were so easy to make and I really think they are adorable. There is a total of 10 different images used. Special thanks to Sarah who let me nab some of her MANY stamps for these. Check out her website here: “Stampinsars

These baubles were amazingly easy (and despite mine being slightly lop-sided, I still like them). There are a million and one tutorials online for them (just search yarn balloon DIY and your bound to find something).

The next decoration (the book bird) I found on Pinterest. Not going to lie–I’m still not totally sold on it–although I have thoroughly enjoyed it for the Christmas inspiration. I found the DIY on the users website, here: “Under the Table & Dreaming
I also glued hooks to some pine cones to hang on the tree. Simple, but lovely.

My twig stars are another Pinterest find, although I have yet to find the original website for them. So easy. And FREE.

I found this stump in my parents back yard. It made for the perfect little candle holder.

For years, Dave and I have been wanting an advent calendar, but have never liked the cheesy ones in stores. I came up with this idea, kind of as I went (the original plan was a lot different from the finished product). The tags are balsa wood with chalkboard paint on one side, and (printed out) victorian christmas cards (with the corresponding number printed on them). Dave came up with a daily advent reading. (I’ll post that up later).

(Picture 1) Yarn Christmas trees – easy-peasy, and so cute! (Picture 2) As we have been finishing off homemade preserves from the fall, I have been using the empties as candle holders.

This little deer was meant for my Etsy shop. But somehow it never got posted. Weird. ;)

And last, but certainly not least – What’s Christmas decor without a wreath on your front door? Here’s my version.


Dec 7 2011

no sparkles.

Inspired by a new blog I just discovered (From Me To You), I learnt how to make one of these this afternoon.
An animated gif.
As the kids are calling them these days: “A Cinemagraph” (makes it sound so much more classy, eh?)
ALthough to be honest, there’s a lot more you can do with animated gifs – er – cinemagraphs these days. Gone are the days of bad cartoonish clip-art images and animated sparkles.
I think I’m going to do some more.