Jan 25 2011

day 134: hipsta tuesday {organized}

I seem to take great pleasure in organizational activities. Many times, when I am bored I will take on an area of the house and do an overhaul. Yesterday it was the closet. The thing that pleases me the most is all the hooks that I hung for the jewelry and scarves that I wear the most. Clean Closet = Happy Courteney.


Jan 18 2011

day 127: hipsta tuesday {winter colour week: white}

I saw this on another blog and thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. A site called “Poppytalk” is doing “Winter Colours Week” I thought it would be a great idea, considering winter after Christmas can feel a little bit…dull…
Today is the most exciting colour! White! (Seriously! I do love white, in case you haven’t realized that already)
Since today is also Hipsta Tuesday, I combined the two. :)

One of the perks of working with flowers a few times a week is that I have lots of plants at home! Today I brought home a cute little planter with white Kalanchoes. It will live on my desk (until my cat eats it, that is.)


Jan 11 2011

day 120: ‘hipsta tuesday’ {new friends?}

Hipsta Tuesdays are back!  My original point for doing a quick picture from my phone on tuesdays was because they are usually too busy for me to do a full post.  Now that my schedule is back to what it was before Christmas I’m bringing the hipsta day back.


I may have ‘unintentionally’ (cough cough) adopted some neighbourhood cats as our own…

And Bigsby doesn’t like it.

The other day I put some treats out for a black cat with a nubby knotted tail (that we have thus named “Black Cat”).  He has been visiting a lot more lately and making Bigsby crazy (he sits at the window where Black Cat is outside, scratches at it and breaths all weird).  This morning I gave Black cat a bowl of some wet cat food (the flavour that Bigsby has decided is beneath him, and refuses to eat).  Black cat gobbled up most of it, and promptly left.  Bigsby sat and waited at the window.  About an hour later, Black Cat brought a calico friend with him (who has been dubbed Cali-Cat)  Cali-Cat finished off the food in the dish, while Black Cat pawed at our front door.  Bigsby looked even more nervous.

Is feeding a stray the official sign of adoption in the cat world?  Do I now have two new cats?