Jan 27 2011

day 136: thriftday {stripey}

One of my goals for having a day about thrifty-ness was to talk about not just thrift-store stuff, but to also talk about being “thrifty” with other things (in the future, I’ll share some of my cheap healthy recipes…etc, etc.)

Todays thrifty post is simply about my $10 dress from H&M that I got yesterday. I wasn’t really planning on posting about this, but I was outside taking some pictures for a friend when I decided I might as well do a few for my blog. I don’t really plan on doing regular “What I wore” sort of posts, because honestly, there are enough people who have whole blogs devoted to what they wore. And considering I’m not much of a model…well…we’ll just keep these kinds of posts at a minimum.
Anyway…It’s a very rare occasion when I actually will buy something when it’s full price at a store. This dress was $40 full price! $30 saved. Being thrifty with new product means being patient till when it goes on sale.
Now I don’t plan on spending too much time/money on new clothes this year (and when I say new, I mean brand new. “New to me” is what I’m going for.) Dave and I are trying to be more conscious about buying second hand stuff (not just to save money, but more to save waste). But there is the odd occasion that I will not be able to resist a cute little H&M dress on sale. :)

PS: Today I was feeling totally crappy. I guess the stress of yesterday’s work knotted up my shoulders and today I woke up with a mondo headache and stiff neck. I was very deliberate when I dressed this morning to put on something pretty, because at least if I felt gross I didn’t look half bad. ;)


Jan 20 2011

day 129: thriftday {green}

I really wanted to contribute something to Winter Colours Week for Green Day, but also wanted to continue with my posts about Thrifting. I tried to find things around the house that are green that have been thrifted. And considering green is also my favourite colour, there are a lot of other things posted today for green day.
Here’s my post for the colour green:

This bowl stole my heart when I spotted it at the thrift store. I adore the colours and the flowers and the sheer retro awesomeness of it. Going to the thrift store often (a few times a week) means you see things when they are first put out, which means you get sweet finds that other people are less likely to get if they only go on a rare occasion.

My most favourite vase was $2 at the thrift store. Huzzah! Vases are plentiful at thrift stores and they are cheap! Why pay $20 or more for a new one when you can pay $2 (at the most) for one that’s better? A friend of mine has been buying vases from the thrift store for her wedding centrepieces. When they are $.25 – $.50 each, why not?

Thrifted green books, with what else but Anne of Green Gables in the center. (everything was second hand except for the Shakespeare book) Buying your books second hand is the only way to go. Not only are they inexpensive, you often get way better service at second hand bookstores than at the big chains like Chapters.

Delicate green leaves on my best china. I inherited a partial set of China from my mom, and was able to complete the set from an online second hand china company.

My green coffee press is made out of recycled materials, and it takes no electricity to run it! It’s green in so many ways!

The next few images aren’t thrifted. Just green. :)

The best green blanket ever.

Green twigs with buds (in the green vase from above) from a tree outside, make my kitchen feel a little less dull. :)

Green slimy tree bark.

The grass is still green here! That’s what’s great about living in BC. Even though it’s winter, our grass is still green.


Jan 13 2011

day 122: thriftday {red trench}

Today the weather was nasty.
And when I say nasty, I mean it was “holy crap, I wish I stayed in bed” sort of nasty weather.
Yesterday it snowed, and today it’s been torrential downpour. Yuck. Everything is muddy slush.
With all that said, running errands in today’s weather was much more bearable, owing to the fact that I have a new trench coat. Well…new to me. Since today is thriftday, (uh, and the first one too!) what better place to show off my fab red new to me trench? The best part? It was $3. Oh, yes…3 glorious little dollars. (from MCC Thrift Store)
I have had quite tremendous luck with thrifting this past week and I’d love to share it all with you…but I forgot to take pictures of it all this afternoon :S
Here’s my thrifty tip for the day:
Pay attention to the sales at thrift stores. This coat was originally $7 (still a pretty dang good deal!) and I would have ended up paying that had I not noticed and pointed out last minute that it was a green tag (and it was green tag sale day).